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Maroon & Silver Society

Thank you!

Donors to the Maroon & Silver Society are recognized for contributions totaling $1,000 or more between June 1 and May 31 of each year including outright gifts, gifts made through donor advised funds, gifts made through payroll deduction and monthly giving plans, and employer matching gifts.



Hannah Thiry ’17

Majors: Biology and Chemistry
Minor: Psychology

“My favorite thing about Augsburg is the push for students to step outside their comfort zones. All of the professors, advisors and mentors have encouraged me to try new things. This helps me grow and find my vocation.”

MS Jens

Jens Pinther ’15

Major: English: Creative Writing
Editor-in-Chief of Augsburg’s student-run newspaper, the Echo

“Augsburg has instilled a sense of humbleness within me that will not be lost. It is outstanding at empowering students to be aware beyond themselves. Thank you for your gifts! I wouldn’t be here without you.”

MS Nazy

Nazy Dimore ’15

Major: International Relations
Minors: Religion and Peace & Global Studies

“My proudest academic achievement is gaining a diverse education abroad. Scholarships gave me the chance to study in South Africa for a semester during my sophomore year. That summer I went to Mexico to learn Spanish. My junior year I continued my trip to Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.”

MS Ben

Ben Menzies ’15

Major: Psychology

“After failing out of another college, finishing my degree was never really in the plan for me. Augsburg has given me an unbelievable second chance at pursuing what I feel is my vocation. I’m in recovery in the StepUP program, so helping others has always been close to home.”

MS Banna

Banna Kidane ’15

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Management Information Systems
Day Student Body President, 2014-2015

“My favorite thing about Augsburg is the fact that it provides students with resources to succeed. Because of generous donors, I’ve been able to continue my studies at an affordable rate.”