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Maroon & Silver Society

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Donors to the Maroon & Silver Society are recognized for contributions totaling $1,000 or more between June 1 and May 31 of each year including outright gifts, gifts made through donor advised funds, gifts made through payroll deduction and monthly giving plans, and employer matching gifts.


Salma Abikar '23

Salma ’23

Major: Biopsychology

“I chose to attend Augsburg because of its vast diversity, but also for it being a smaller school. I have chances to connect with my fellow peers and professors on a much more personal basis rather than just being another face around campus.”

Elizabeth Hoversten '22

Lizzy ’22

Major: Communications
Minor: Business Administration

“I am from a small rural community and wanted to expand my view of the world by surrounding myself with voices and perspectives I hadn’t heard in an academic setting before. Augsburg was the best place for me to do that.”

Nathan Vue '23

Nathan ’23

Major: Management and Analysis

“I chose to attend Augsburg because of the great programs. Augsburg has so many resources and opportunities that will help benefit you if you are willing to takes the opportunities.”

Chenyeng Vang '22

Chenyeng ’22

Major: Mathematics
Minor: Physics

“The most valuable lessor I’ve learned at Augsburg is to put your best effort into everything you do, but don’t forget to look back and appreciate what you have accomplished. No victory is too small to celebrate.”

Brendan Tetter '21

Brendan ’21

Major: Finance
Minor: Theater

“I am thankful for my scholarship because it relieves any stress my family and I may have otherwise had as far as paying for post-secondary education. It doesn’t matter what amount that is, anything helps, and it motivates me to put in the extra effort to live up to the privilege that has been provided for me.