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Maroon & Silver Society

Donors to the Maroon & Silver Society are recognized for contributions totaling $1,000 or more between June 1 and May 31 of each year including outright gifts, gifts made through donor advised funds, gifts made through payroll deduction or monthly giving plans, and employer matching gifts.

Maroon & Silver Society Members

Constance Adams ’74
Amy and Kjellgren Alkire
Nathan and Tonya Allen
Lloyd Amundson
Daniel Anderson ’65 and Alice Anderson
Daryl ’70 and Vivian ’72 Anderson
Leif Anderson ’13 and Abdo Sayegh Rodríguez
Robert ’77 and Katherine Miller
Christine (Pieri) ’88 and James ’88 Arnold
Virginia (Dahlen) Baali ’72
Sylvia Bartley, Ph.D. and Reba Peoples, M.D.
Paul ’63 and LaVonne ’63 Batalden
Kate Baxter Kauf and Michael Baxter-Kauf
Gary ’65 and Jean Blosberg
David Boe ’68 and Lynn Boe
Thomas ’03 and Kendall Bramwell
Marilyn (Saure) ’61 and Thomas Breckenridge
Kyle Brown ’88
Darryl Carter ’65
David ’72 and Michelle (Karkhoff) ’72 Christianson
Clyde Cobb *
Jerelyn (Hovland) ’63 Cobb
Richard ’74 and Nancy Colvin
Amy (Cram) and David Cram Helwich
Mary Crockett ’86
Kristin Cronin Cole and Perrie Cole
Dennis and Nicole Dayton
Darcy Debing ’77
Monica Devers and Deb Hildebrandt
Jacqueline deVries and Timothy Jones
Kelly and Connie Doran
Daniel ’77 and Patricia Eitrheim*
Jeffery Elavsky ’68
Nancy El-Hibri
Sarah Erkkinen and Joel Erkkinen
David and Jean Flynn
Ronald Fraboni
Jeff Fricker
Barbara Gage
Christine Gage ’97
Scott and Gina Gage
Nicholas ’86 and Ingrid Gangestad
Justin Garen
Mary (Michaelsen) ’69 and Gregory ’68 Garmer
Leslie and Deanne Gill
Michael ’71 and Ann Good
Robert Gould
Douglas Green and Becky Boling
Aretha Green Rupert and Harvey Rupert
Fritz Grimm, IV
Sharon Gronberg, Ph.D. ’67 and Karl Gronberg
Franklin Groves, Jr. ’85
Mike and Anne Guillou
James and Kathleen Haglund
Peter ’92 and Katherine Hespen
Christopher Haug ’79 and Karl Starr
Judy (Bacon) ’72 and Fred Haugo
Duane ’67 and Darlene ’67 Hetland
Nathaniel and Nicole Hitch
Vanya Hogen
Kenneth ’74 and Linda (Bailey) ’74 Holmen
Dean ’57 and Jane Holmes
Elizabeth Horton
Philip Hoversten, M.D. ’71 and Patricia Sausser
Thomas ’72 and Karen Howe
Todd ’86 and Carol (Bierut) Hubbard
James Ingram and Sheila Grant
Diane Jacobson, Ph.D. and Paul Jacobson
Marah Jacobson-Schulte
Patrick Jacobson-Schulte
Gerald ’68 and Carole (Braud) ’68 Jensen
Karen Johnson ’66
Maria (Hicks) ’94 and Lloyd Johnson
Mark Johnson ’75
Ruth Johnson ’74 and Philip Quanbeck, II
Shelly Johnson ’85 and Seth Liefer
Carol Jones
Karen Kaivola and Bonnie Tensen
Stacy Keding, Ph.D. ’95 and Paul Keding
L. Wayne Kendrick ’68
John and Kelly Kenley
Jessica and Ricardo Khan
Janice Kleven
Jimmy ’01 and Jane (Galvin) Kline
Benjamin Knoepfler ’04
William Kuszler, Sr. ’64 *
Lee Anne (Hansen) ’67 and Gene Lack
Derrin ’97 and Amy Lamker
Linda Larson ’70 and C. Jerry Sells
Maryon Lee
Karolynn Lestrud ’68
James Lindell, Jr. ’67 and Laurie Lindell
Terry ’73 and Janet Lindstrom
Dana Lonn
Olivia (Gordon) ’62 and Alden Lorents
Margaret Luger-Nikolai and Peter Nikolai
John Luoma, Ph.D. ’65 and Gracia Luoma ’66
Maximillian ’03 and Jessica Marcy
Patrick ’72 and Nancy Marcy
Donald McCarthy, Jr. ’09
Donna McLean and Lyle Clausen
Joyce (Schroepfer) Miller ’02, ’05, ’11
Karin Moe
Pamela ’79 and Mark ’79 Moksnes
Thomas and Lorraine Morgan
Julie and Andrew ’73 Morrison
Sharon (Lindell) Mortrud ’64
Nancy (Mackey) ’85 and Paul ’84 Mueller
Brian Murray and Michelle Gill Murray
David and Judy Myers

David 2006 and Sara (Holman) 2006 Nash
Bruce ’71 and Kathleen Nelson

Lewis Nelson ’00 and Jocelyn Sandberg
John Nielsen ’95 and Rachel Schultz Nielsen ’95
Charles ’68 and Bonnie (Board) ’71 Niles
Jeffrey Nodland ’77 and Becky Bjella-Nodland ’79
Roselyn Nordaune ’77
Nancy and Keith Nuechterlein
John O’Brien, Jr. and Kathryn O’Brien
Paula O’Loughlin, Ph.D. and Betsy Bateman
Joel ’70 and Louann Olsen
Karyn Olson
Jack ’62 and Nina Osberg
Richard ’74 and Karen Pearson
Wayne and Lynette Pederson
Ronald ’69 and Jane Petrich
Patricia Piepenburg ’69
Larye ’98 and Melissa (Moyle) ’00 Pohlman
Janet (Evenson) ’63 and Edward Potratz
Paul Pribbenow and Abigail Crampton Pribbenow
Nicholas ’03 and Shannon (Peterson) Rathmann
Sara and Peter Ribbens
Almina (Nelson) Ringdahl ’49
Karin (Ludwigsen) ’95 and Matthew ’98 Rochester
Matthew ’00 and Britta Romsdahl
Richard Rose
Grant Rykken ’79
Bruce ’71 and Pamela (Hermstad) ’72 Santerre
Leland Sateren ’68 *
Gregory ’91 and Molly (Fochtman) ’92 Schnagl
John Schwartz ’67 and James Mosley
Inez (Olson) ’59 and Lyall Schwarzkopf
Michael ’71 and Bonnie Scott
Sandra Simpson Phaup ’64
Darrell Skogen ’71
Scott and Lori Smith
Evelyn Sonnack Halverson ’43 *
Jodi Soule Stuart ’00 and Eric Stuart
Carolyn Spargo ’80, ’08 and Lawrence Spargo
Neal and Karen St. Anthony
Douglas Stein
Eric Stenshoel and Michael McKee
Hazel Stoeckeler *
Ben Stottrup and Neota Moe
E. Peter ’69 and Norma (Johnson) ’69 Strommen
John ’81 and Heidi Strommen
Dean ’81 and Amy Sundquist
Lisa Svac Hawks ’85
Julie (Hagberg) Swaggert ’73
Amy (Ellingrod) ’95 and Mark Swain
Rosanne Swanson
Brian Swedeen ’92 and Terri Burnor ’92
Jeffrey ’79 and Melissa Swenson
Alexander and Emily Thiele
John Tieben, Jr. ’03 and Danielle Tieben ’04
David and Martha Tiede
Allan Torstenson ’75 and Frances Homans
Martha Truax ’16
Lawrence ’69 and Susan Turner
Deborah (Lease) ’78 and Douglas Wagman
Brittany Wehrli
John Welckle ’57
William Wittenbreer
Ray Yip, M.D. ’72 and Florence Bannicq
Joyce (Leifgren) Young ’64
* denotes deceased