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Maroon & Silver Society

Donors to the Maroon & Silver Society are recognized for contributions totaling $1,000 or more between June 1 and May 31 of each year including outright gifts, gifts made through donor-advised funds, gifts made through payroll deduction or monthly giving plans, and employer matching gifts.

Maroon & Silver Society Members

Ruth Aaskov ’53
Barrón and Jennifer Adams
James Agre, M.D. ’72 and Brenda Gauvin-Chadwick
Lois (Richter) Agrimson ’60
Thomas Alberg and Irene Kovala
Amy and Kjellgren Alkire
Pearl Almquist
Lloyd Amundson
Paul Amundson and Nancy Leitch
Charles and Catherine Anderson
Daniel Anderson ’65 and Alice Anderson
Daryl ’70 and Vivian ’72 Anderson
Deloris Anderson ’56
Leif Anderson ’13 and Abdo Sayegh Rodríguez
Robert ’77 and Katherine Miller
Scott Anderson ’96
Scott ’76 and Lisa Bailey
Thomas Anderson ’72
Trudi Anderson ’77 and Joseph Green
I. Shelby (Gimse) ’56 Andress
Sara Armstrong-Nathan and Michael Nathan
Michael Arndt ’68
Christine (Pieri) ’88 and James ’88 Arnold
Todd Arseneau ’97
Douglas ’88 and Amy (Hyland) ’87 Baretz
Heath Bartness
Elizabeth Bartz ’82
Meg Bassinson
Paul ’63 and LaVonne ’63 Batalden
Cyrus Batheja ’08, ’11 and Rebecca Batheja
Kate Baxter Kauf
Shannon and Richard Benjamin
Norman ’59 and Deloris Berg
Richard ’60 and Phyllis ’60 Berge
Kjell Bergh
John and Linda Berryman
Lennore (Bylund) Bevis ’66 *
Aaron ’09 and Christina Bible
Anthony Bibus, III
William Binder ’15
Sheryl (Birk) ’75 and Mark Birk Gable
Zane and Barbara Birky
Joel ’68 and Carol ’69 Bjerkestrand
Nancy (Paulson) ’70 and J. Ragnar Bjornson
Stephen ’74 and Janet Blake
Paul Blomquist ’88 and Kristin Eggerling ’89
Gary ’65 and Jean Blosberg
David Boe ’68 and Lynn Boe
Jon Bogen ’80 and Cheryl Shrader Bogen
Trena Bolden Fields ’00 and Jerome Fields ’01
Thomas ’78 and Julie Bramwell
Thomas ’03 and Kendall Bramwell
Rachel Brass and Richard Foster
Marilyn (Saure) ’61 and Thomas Breckenridge
Bruce ’70 and Nancy Brekke
John Brellenthin
Angela (Barron) ’08 and Charles Brewer
Kyle Brown ’88
Eric Browning-Larsen
Kristi Brusletto ’02
Carolyn Burfield ’60
Lois Burmeister ’61 *
Ralph Butkowski, Ph.D. and Janet Beneke
John and Virginia Byers
Ainy Carlson
Gregory ’74 and Terry Carlson
Keith and Kari Carlson
Laurie Carlson ’79 and William Voedisch
Linda Carlstedt, Ph.D. ’63
Darryl Carter ’65
Carol (Johnson) Casperson ’60
John Chadwick
Mark ’78 and Susan Christoffersen
Lyle Clausen
Margaret Clyde
Jerelyn (Hovland) ’63 and Clyde Cobb
Richard ’74 and Nancy Colvin
Kristin Cronin Cole and Perrie Cole
Deborah (Fredrickson) ’76 and Bill Crowley
Kim and Carol Culp
Ian Cummings ’16
Thomas and Lee Dagger
Gretchen (Sandbo) Dahlberg ’90
George ’72 and Janet Dahlman
William and Elizabeth Dean
Darcy Debing ’77
Patrick and Lisa Denzer
Monica Devers and Deb Hildebrandt
Jacqueline deVries and Timothy Jones
Tammera (Ericson) Diehm ’93
Richard and Brenda Dolski
Anne Donahoe
John Donaldson, Sr.
Linda (Lundeen) ’74 and Douglas Dunn
Karen (Miller) Durant ’81
Grace Edgar ’11
Darrell ’55 and Helga Egertson
Jeffrey ’74 and Jill Egertson
Richard ’72 and Tamara Ekstrand
Jeffery Elavsky ’68
Fuad* and Nancy El-Hibri
Karim El-Hibri ’06 and Carley Meinert
Jessica Engebretsen ’11
Ronald and Elayne Engebretsen
Denise Engebretson ’82 *
Rachel (Olson) ’98 and Daniel ’97 Engebretson
Rolf and Sandra Engwall
Matt Entenza and Jeannie Fox Entenza
Benjamin Erickson ’96
Mary Lou (Ervin) ’64 and Dennis ’64 Erickson
Sarah Erkkinen and Joel Erkkinen
L. Craig ’79 and Theresa (Serbus) ’79 Estrem
Mark and Margie Eustis
Ellen Sue Ewald and Terje Mikalsen
Douglas ’68 and Bonnie (Christopherson) ’70 Feig
Paulette Fiorentino and Steven Robinson
Markus and Sara Fischer
Patrick Flanagan
Joseph and Jennifer Phillips
David and Jean Flynn
Jack and Sara Fortin
Ronald Fraboni
William Frame
Kirubel Frew ’14
Marie Christine and Timmothy Fries
Barbara Gage
Christine Gage ’97
Scott and Gina Gage
Justin Garen
Martha Gisselquist ’86
J. Andrew and Carolyn Goddard
Alexander ’90 and Simoné (Johnson) ’91 Gonzalez
Michael ’71 and Ann Good
Shirley Goplerud ’51 and Dean Goplerud, M.D.
Robert Gould
Justin ’96 and Becky Grammens
Kathy and J. Hazen Graves
Aretha Green Rupert and Harvey Rupert
Douglas Green and Becky Boling
John ’66 and Mary Jo Greenfield
David and Bobbie Gregg
Fritz Grimm, IV
H. Theodore ’76 and Michele Grindal
Janice Grinde *
Raymond Grinde ’57
Debra ’92 and John Groezinger
Franklin Groves, Jr. ’85
Matthew and Julie Groves
Maura Gunter ’19
Timothy and Kathleen Gunter
Rishia (Felien) Haas ’00
Gary ’71 and Linda Hagen
Norman R. and Evangeline M. Hagfors
James and Kathleen Haglund
David ’76 and Lorna Halaas
Mark Hall ’77 and Naomi Rich Hall
H. Lester Halverson, Jr. ’64 and Jo Ann Halverson
William Halverson, Ph.D. ’51
Suzanne (Overholt) ’67 and John Hampe
Corrine Hamre
James Hamre ’53 *
Brenda Hansen ’84
Cynthia Hanson ’66
Mark Hanson ’68 and Ione Agrimson Hanson ’68
Ray Hanson
Robert Hanson, Ph.D. ’68 and Annette Hanson, M.D. ’68
John Harris, II and Diane Harris
Mark Harris ’99 and Trista Harris
Mark ’83 and Laurie Hassenstab
Christopher Haug ’79 and Karl Starr
David ’67 and Karen (Jacobson) ’67 Haugen
Stephanie Haugen ’91
Daniel ’07 and Molly (Ringer) ’06 Hayward
Michael and Karel Helgeson
Ruth Helland
James Hereford
William and Angeline Herman
Alejandro Herrera ’95 and Morris Floyd
Peter ’92 and Katherine Hespen
Lora and Tony Hicks
Rodney Hill ’59
John and Jamie Hinz
Robert Hinz ’65 and Barbara Benson
Vanya Hogen
Orville Hognander, Jr.
Bruce Holcomb ’90 and Caroline Vernon
Greg and Connie Holker
Kenneth ’74 and Linda (Bailey) ’74 Holmen
Dean ’57 and Jane Holmes
Bradley ’63 and Linda Holt
Elizabeth Horton
Laura Hotchkiss Capaldini and Mark Capaldini
Jean Housh
Allen ’64 and Lenice Hoversten
Clarence Hoversten ’41 *
Philip Hoversten, M.D. ’71 and Patricia Sausser
Thomas ’72 and Karen Howe
Lynn Hu
Stanley and Karen Hubbard
Adam Hughes
Donald Hunter ’03
Brandon Hutchinson ’99 and Sara Goldstrand
James Ingram and Sheila Grant
Veena Iyer, Esq. and Mohammad Faisal Hadi
Diane Jacobson, Ph.D. and Paul Jacobson
Mark Jennings ’76 and Kathleen Lake ’76
Gerald ’68 and Carole (Braud) ’68 Jensen
Rebecca John ’13
Bruce ’68 and Theresa Johnson
Karen Johnson ’66
Katherine ’81, ’16 and James Johnson
Maria (Hicks) ’94 and Lloyd Johnson
Mark Johnson ’75
Ruth Johnson ’74 and Philip Quanbeck, II
Shelly Johnson ’85 and Seth Liefer
Carol Jones
Craig Jones
Cynthia (Landowski) ’81 and C. Rick Jones
L. Davis Jones ’09
Wayne ’71 and Carol (Pederson) ’72 Jorgenson
Rachel (Hendrickson) ’71 and Bruce Julian
Kristina Justiniano ’03
Karen Kaivola and Bonnie Tensen
Erik ’81 and Judie Kanten
R. Wynn Kearney, Jr. and Ginnette Kearney
Suzanne Kelley ’69
John and Kelly Kenley
Diane (Ross) Kerr
Jessica and Ricardo Khan
Richard ’69 and Cheryl (Nelson) ’70 King
Mary Kingsley
David and Rebecca Klafter
Linda ’92 and Robert Klas
Bruce and Maren Kleven
David and Barbara Kleven
Janice Kleven
Matthew and Brandi Knoepfle
Mike and Jennifer Kons
Dean and Susan Kopperud
Lee Anne (Hansen) ’67 and Gene Lack
Joanne (Stiles) Laird ’58
Derrin ’97 and Amy Lamker
Gary ’64 and Carol (Welch) ’65 Langness
Philip and Diane Kleven Larson
Elaine (Erickson) ’67 and Norman Larson
George ’61 and Mary Larson
Linda Larson ’70 and C. Jerry Sells
Lori Larson and David Yesnes
Martin Larson ’80
Ruth (Ringstad) ’53 and Marvin Larson
Steven ’72 and Catherine Larson
David Lawson*
Maryon Lee
Steven ’85 and Melinda (Causton) ’83 Lee
Eric Lehto and Brianna Halverson
Kim Lerohl and Anna O’Connell
Karolynn Lestrud ’68
Patrick ’88 and Beth Lilja
Avis (Haga) Lindroos ’47 *
Terry ’73 and Janet Lindstrom
Jean Lingen
Michael and Christine Littmann
Jane (Bjorndal) ’78 and David Loe
John ’07 and Karen Loheit
Lawrence Lokken ’60
Ronald and Lois London
Dana Lonn
Gailya Ludviksen
Stanley Ludviksen ’56 *
Margaret Luger-Nikolai and Peter Nikolai
Judith Lu-Lawson ’74 and David Lawson
Daniel Lundell ’74
John Luoma, Ph.D. ’65 and Gracia Luoma ’66
Charles Lutz
Christine (Munson) Main ’56
Kay Malchow ’82 and Stephen Cook
Lyle ’68 and Susanne (Starn) ’68 Malotky
Maximillian ’03 and Jessica Marcy
Patrick ’72 and Nancy Marcy
Joann (Lanners) ’05 and Steven Marti
Jennifer and Richard Martin*
Robert ’71 and Cheryl (Lindroos) ’72 Martin
Jude and Michelle Martinsen
Michelle McAteer and Gina Zech
Donald McCarthy, Jr. ’09
Mark McCue and Vasiliki Canotas
Donna McLean
Christopher ’00 and Tara (Cesaretti) ’97 McLeod
Clayton ’91 and Denise (Sideen) ’94 McNeff
Kate Megan and Edward Wanamaker
Dennis ’78 and Beverly ’78 Meyer
Daniel ’65 and Mary (Tildahl) ’65 Meyers
Robert ’70 and Sue Midness
Deborah Miller ’72 and Timothy Miller, M.D.
Dennis Miller, Ph.D. ’67 and Christine Olson, Ph.D.
Joyce (Schroepfer) Miller ’02, ’05, ’11
Spencer Minear ’66 and Gay (Johnson) Minear ’66
Karin Moe
Pamela ’79 and Mark ’79 Moksnes
Joel Moline
Thomas and Lorraine Morgan
Frederick and Lynda Morlock
Sharon (Lindell) Mortrud ’64
William Moyers and Nell Hurley
Nancy (Mackey) ’85 and Paul ’84 Mueller
William and Melinda Muenzberg
Ronald ’82 and Helen Munkittrick
David and Judy Myers
Charles and Patti Jo Nauen
Linda Nedelcoff and Jon Nedelcoff
Bruce ’71 and Kathleen Nelson
Byron ’71 and Sharon Nelson
Gregg ’71 and Pamela ’73 Nelson
Lewis Nelson ’00 and Jocelyn Sandberg
Ronald Nelson ’68
Victoria Nieder
John Nielsen ’95 and Rachel Schultz Nielsen ’95
Steven ’64 and Rebecca (Walhood) ’65 Nielsen
Charles ’68 and Bonnie (Board) ’71 Niles
Jeffrey Nodland ’77 and Becky Bjella-Nodland ’79
Norma Noonan
Roselyn Nordaune ’77
Robert Nordin ’64
Terry ’70 and Vicki Nygaard
John O’Brien, Jr. and Kathryn O’Brien
Jan Ogren
Norman ’85 and Kim (Asleson) ’84 Okerstrom
Joel ’70 and Louann Olsen
Ilene (Ferris) Olson ’93
Lee ’59 and Patricia Olson
Mary Olson ’74
Michael and Teresa Olson
William and Mame O’Meara
Kristen Opalinski ’03
Beverly (Halling) ’55 and Donald ’53 Oren
Laurie (Nelson) ’79 and Steven Orlow
Karen (Lund) Orrill ’65
Jack ’62 and Nina Osberg
Alexander ’09 and Mary Oser
Pamela Ostrom ’75
Linda (Forde) ’85 and Ronald Ott
Carol Oversvee Johnson ’61 and Darold Johnson
Dave ’71 and Kay (Hendrickson) ’71 Owen
Theodore Page ’00
Diane (Pavelka) Palan ’72
Claudia Parliament
Marilyn Pearson Florian ’76 and Kenneth Florian
Richard ’74 and Karen Pearson
Wayne and Lynette Pederson
Deanna Petersen
Bonnie Peterson ’73
Gerald ’67 and Linda (Jorgensen) ’68 Peterson
Jeffrey ’63 and Alexandra Peterson
Lia Peterson ’89
Miriam (Cox) ’68 and Ronald Peterson
Noel Petit, Ph.D. and Sharon Petit
Joyce (Anderson) ’65 and B. Douglas Pfaff
Mike ’92 and Heather Pfeffer
Carol Pfleiderer ’64
Patricia Piepenburg ’69
Cindy Piper and Addison Piper
David Piper
Larye ’98 and Melissa (Moyle) ’00 Pohlman
Jill Pohtilla and Joyce Spehar
Elizabeth and Robert Poteete
Dave and Julie Powell
Paul Pribbenow and Abigail Crampton Pribbenow
Elizabeth Pushing ’93
Mark Raabe ’53
Nicolyn Rajala ’70 and Bill Vossler
Kathryn Ramstad
Nicholas ’03 and Shannon (Peterson Rathmann
Bruce and Sharon Reichenbach
Robert and Kristen Reichenbach
William and Tracy Reichenbacher
Margaret Reiman
Gregrey Renstrom
Judith Reynolds ’64
Sara and Peter Ribbens
Almina (Nelson) Ringdahl ’49
Vicki Ringold ’89 and John Ringold
Stephen Rivard, M.D. and Christine Jett-Rivard
Raymond and Carol Robbel
Ardis Roberts
Donavon Roberts ’52 *
Shannon Robshaw Keck and Anthony Keck
Karin (Ludwigsen) ’95 and Matthew ’98 Rochester
Leeann Rock, M.D. ’81 and Brian Anderson, Ph.D. ’82
Frances (Roller) Rockey
Robert Rogness
Laura and Martin Roller
Karen and Steven Rooney
Robert Roos ’56 *
Jonathan ’94 and Heather (Gunderson) ’98 Rose
Richard Rose
Margo and Timothy Roth
Thomas and Molly Rothstein
Donald and Karen Rudrud
Judith (Andre) Ryan
Bruce ’71 and Pamela (Hermstad) ’72 Santerre
Gregg Sarff
Arne ’62 and Dyanne Sather
Ward Schendel JD ’74
Barbara and Timothy Schmitt
Gregory ’91 and Molly (Fochtman) ’92 Schnagl
Marilee (Alne) Schroeder ’65 and William Schroeder
John Schwartz ’67 and James Mosley
Inez (Olson) ’59 and Lyall Schwarzkopf
Douglas Scott and Grace Schroeder Scott
Michael ’71 and Bonnie Scott
John ’67 and Shelley Selstad
Earl ’68 and Lisbeth (Jorgensen) ’70 Sethre
Sheryl (Anderson) Shark ’82
Betty Shaw
Mary and Lawrence Sibbing
Barbara Sill
Sandra Simpson Phaup ’64
David ’03 and Mary Singleton
Darrell Skogen ’71
Talla Skogmo and Mark McNeill
Wallace Small *
James Smith
Jeffery Smith
Scott and Lori Smith
David Soli ’81
James Solverson
Evelyn Sonnack Halverson ’43 *
Allan ’53 and Eunice (Nystuen) ’50 Sortland
Jodi Soule Stuart ’00 and Eric Stuart
Traci Spano
Carolyn Spargo ’80, ’08 and Lawrence Spargo
David Steenson ’63
Todd ’89 and Amy Steenson
Eric Stenshoel and Michael McKee
John-Mark ’69 and Nancy (Strommen) ’71 Stensvaag
C. Augusta Stewart
Mary Stickelmeyer, Ph.D. ’74 and Henry Havel
Andrea Stimmel and Jeff DeGree
Leslie and Robert Stonick
Ben Stottrup and Neota Moe
William Strom ’64 and Sara (Halvorson) Strom ’63
Marsha Strommen Olson ’68 and Dean Olson
Erling ’69 and Norma (Johnson) ’69 Strommen
James ’77 and Judith (Knudson) ’77 Strommen
John Andrew and Elaine Strommen
John ’81 and Heidi Strommen
Robert Strommen ’74
Steven ’65 and Chynne Strommen
Grace (Kemmer) Sulerud ’58
Leland and Louise Sundet
Dean ’81 and Amy Sundquist
Lisa Svac Hawks ’85
Ann Svennungsen and William Russell
Amy (Ellingrod) ’95 and Mark Swain
James Swanson
Ronald ’69 and Susan (Scott) ’71 Swanson
Brian Swedeen ’92 and Terri Burnor ’92
Daniel Sweeney and Ann Duboc Sweeney
Jeffrey ’79 and Melissa Swenson
Corinne Tandberg Haglund
Jean Taylor ’85
Alexander and Emily (Wheaton Thiele
Steven ’89 and Tara Thom
LaJune Thomas Lange ’75 and Thomas Lange
Jill Thomas and Bob Thomas
Marilyn Thompson ’64
Noreen (Walen) Thompson ’78
Stephen Thompson ’78
John Tieben, Jr. ’03 and Danielle Tieben ’04
David and Martha Tiede
Amanda (Dock) ’08 and Matthew ’08 Torgeson
Allan Torstenson ’75 and Frances Homans
Beth Torstenson ’66
Martha Truax ’16
Carolyn Tuohy ’95
Lawrence ’69 and Susan Turner
Linnea and Andrew Turner
Mary Veiseth, M.D. ’70 and Dennis Veiseth
Peter and Candice Vogt
Rebecca (Helgesen) ’67 and Tom von Fischer
Nancy Voss ’71
Ronald Wahlberg ’70
Janel (Schmidt) ’92 and Dean ’91 Wahlin
Robert Wahlstedt and Aileen Wahlstedt
Jaclyn Wainwright and Andrew Wainwright
Pamela and David Webster
Steven and Catherine Webster
Lauren Weck
John Welckle ’57
Sheila and Rhys Anderson
Arnhild (Bekkevol) Werket
Bruce Westphal ’61
Kyle ’99 and Gretchen Wheaton
Brian Wigdahl ’74 and Betty Condran
Keneeshia Williams, M.D. ’03
Richard Wilson
Craig Wisness ’73
Jane (Knudsen) Wold ’68 *
Philip Wold, M.D. ’67
Theodore ’85 and Kelly Wong
Bob Woodward, III and Beth Woodward
Ray Yip, M.D. ’72 and Florence Bannicq
Joyce (Leifgren) Young ’64
* denotes deceased