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This tag features Augsburg students that are on study abroad/away programs all around the world, including the USA.

See. Reflect. Act.

This is a guest blog post from Augsburg College student, and recipient of the Mary Witt Scholarship, Samantha C. During spring break 2017, Samantha was able to join the short-term program “Food, Justice & Sustainability in Mexico”. Thank you for the reflection!


See. Reflect. Act. We visited the women of Luz Y Libertad halfway through our trip and spent only a few hours with them and reflecting on those conversations, yet these three words sum up my all of my experiences in Mexico. Each organization and community member we spoke with all lived and worked by these words whether or not they did so intentionally: they saw problems in their community, brainstormed creative ways to address those problems and made their solutions a reality. When I think back specifically to our visit with Luz Y Libertad, they spoke of seeing the need of providing the women of their community with agency. Selling handmade crafts and cooking are the most common and accessible means of income that women can provide for their families, and the women at Luz Y Libertad decided to help empower their fellow community members to do so. They shared with us different struggles that they’ve faced as women in their community, and something that was deeply related to each individual struggle was the struggle of poverty. They spoke both of global issues influencing their financial stability like NAFTA, as well as personal experiences like domestic abuse, and while both are valid, I’d like to spend more time focusing on those personal experiences, as I feel that relates more directly to my vocation and requires reflection beneath the surface.

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My Opportunity in Mexico

This is a guest blog post from Augsburg student, and Mary Witt Scholarship recipient, Nikol G. Nikol was able to go on the short term study abroad program, “Food, Justice & Sustainability in Mexico”, during spring break 2017. Thanks for sharing your reflections with us!

I had the opportunity to experience Mexico in a study abroad for 9 days with the Food, Justice and Sustainability class.  I went as an independent study student, but I was lucky enough to be allowed to tag along with this awesome group.  This trip was amazing and was a life changing experience for me.  I have been to Mexico before on vacation with my family, but this experience was different.  This visit I wasn’t there to hangout on the beach or sit by the pool.  This time, I got to meet some amazing people.  People that changed my thinking, and who changed me as a person.  I would like to introduce you to a few of those people. Continue reading “My Opportunity in Mexico”

Connecting with your Roots

This post comes from Augsburg student, Kitana H, recipient of the CGEE Religious Studies Scholarship. This is her reflection from the week-long program in Nicaragua, “Faith, Vocation, and Social Change in Central America”. Thank you to Kitana for sharing!


“Today is the day where I touch a region

Where half of me is from

I’ve been so lost with my own identity

That part of this trip may open a page

Of a book of reclaiming my identity and history”

Student with arms open on a hillside

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Reflections from Nicaragua

This post comes from Mary Witt Scholarship awardee and Augsburg College student, Emily O. She recently returned from an Augsburg short term program, Faith, Vocation and Social Change in Central America to Augsburg’s Global Site in Nicaragua. Thanks to Emily for sharing!

Grassy knoll overlooking lake
View in Nicaragua

Here is my written summary, discussing 3 separate “slices of life,” or important experiences in Nicaragua and what they taught me:

My first slice of life had to do with the speaker at Cafe las Sonrisas, Tio Antonio.  As someone who grew up in an area considered “developed” like me, I was shocked that he even moved to Nicaragua in the first place.  After the initial confusion as to why he would move to a country where things are so different, I was amazed and inspired by the way he lived out his vocation and listened to his calling in life.  Continue reading “Reflections from Nicaragua”

Auggies Spring Break in Mexico

Augsburg students got the chance to explore Mexico on the 2017 spring break program, “Food, Justice, and Sustainability in Mexico”. Photos from faculty member Ann Lutterman-Aguilar.

From the program brochure:

Environmental Justice and social change take on a local and global perspective in this course that starts in the US, travels to Mexico over spring break, and returns to Augsburg to continue the learning. Continue reading “Auggies Spring Break in Mexico”

Mayan Spirituality and Pottery: Student Poetry

This poem was written by Augsburg College student, Bryce Nelson, after an experience abroad on a short term program to Guatemala January 2016, “Mayan Spirituality and Pottery”. Bryce is a senior and math major. 

Dear Lord,
We ask for your guidance, we ask for your grace
May the task at hand please keep at pace
May it be strong, may it be true
For all you have done, it’s the least we can do
For this we thank, for this we remember
To come together, we too must render
A breathtaking view in Guatemala. Photo from CGEE archives.
A breathtaking view in Guatemala. Photo from CGEE archives.

Rural Namibia Homestay

Kayla is an Augsburg student currently abroad in Namibia with CGEE spring 2016. This is an excerpt from Kayla’s blog post, “Rural Northern Namibia”. Her blog is a great resource for anyone considering study abroad in Southern Africa, and prominently features her breathtaking photography, poetry, and other projects! Thanks to Kayla for sharing!


“While we were prepped not to expect electricity or running water, we quickly discovered that rural Namibia is just as diverse in its amenities as homes anywhere else might be; in my home the television is a staple piece of entertainment and electricity is plentiful, while running water existed only at a tap from the ground a few meters from the living quarters. While electricity is plentiful at my homestead, the family still uses traditional practices of the open fire to cook meals– incredible meals, I must add!”

You can find more of Kayla’s stunning photography at her website.

Traditional cooking style in rural Namibia
Traditional cooking practice in rural Namibia (photo from Kayla’s blog post)

Augsburg Nursing in Nicaragua: Photos!

Augsburg’s nursing program went to Nicaragua in March 2016. Here are some photos from their time abroad! Photo credit Augsburg CGEE staff member Juan Carlos Lopez. 


#AuggiesGoGlobal Featured Student: Elise

Did you know – as an Augsburg College student, you have access to study abroad programs in 90 different countries around the globe (including USA programs)? Here is one Auggie’s global story (Returned and want to be featured? Email us at to share your global story):

Elise Abroad



English Literature/Creative Writing



When did you study abroad?

Spring 2015 semester

Where, and on which program, did you go abroad?

Queen Mary University London/ IES direct enrollment

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#AuggiesGoGlobal Featured Student: Asher L.

Did you know – as an Augsburg College student, you have access to study abroad programs in 90 different countries around the globe (including USA programs)? Here is one Auggie’s global story in our new blog segment #AuggiesGoGlobal:

Asher L Profile PhotoMajor:
English LLT

French, GSWS

When did you study abroad?
Fall 2015 semester

Where, and on which program, did you go abroad?

CEA Paris

What made that program a good fit for you?

I chose CEA because they had a variety of homestay, residence hall, and apartment options for housing. In addition, they had an abundance of different class options. CEA also brings students on excursions throughout your abroad experience, which are all included in the program fee. The staff was incredibly kind and helpful in navigating culture shock and everyday life in a different country.

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