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Social Psychology

Concentration in Social Psychology

Both the Psychology and Sociology Departments offer courses relevant to students with interests in social psychology. The intent of the Social Psychology concentration is to provide students with a solid disciplinary foundation along with specific coursework to strengthen a cross-disciplinary social psychological perspective. Coursework will emphasize research skills, theoretical analysis, and applied work in areas intended to prepare students for careers in law, consulting, research, and social policy, as well as many other areas. In addition, the Social Psychology concentration is ideal for graduate school preparation.

Students take the following courses:

  • PSY 105 – Principles of Psychology
  • PSY 215 – Research Methods and Statistics I
  • PSY 315 – Research Methods and Statistics II
  • PSY 325 – Social Behavior
  • PSY 400 – Keystone Internship
  • SOC 121 – Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 375 – Social Psychology
  • At least one course from the following:
    • PSY 354 – Cognitive Psychology
    • PSY 355 – Biopsychology
  • At least one course from the following:
    • PSY 491 – Advanced Research Seminar
    • PSY 493 – Seminar: Contemporary Issues
    • PSY 495 – Clinical Research and Lab
  • Electives (three additional courses in psychology)