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Anderson Hall

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Anderson Hall offers a unique living experience for students at Augsburg University by providing a variety of on-campus living opportunities, such as:

  • Apartments: up to four people; include a full bathroom, living room, and kitchen
  • Floorhouses: fifteen-person; include a living room, dining room, full kitchen, and two baths
  • Suites: one-person per room with one shared bathroom; include a refrigerator and microwave
  • Townhouses: eight-person/two story; include a living room, dining room, full kitchen, and two baths

Amenities include

  • Bed and mattress, dresser, desk and desk chair per person
  • Air Conditioning (controlled within each unit)
  • Cable television connection provided
  • Wi-Fi and ethernet connections
  • Free laundry with smartphone monitoring and tracking system
  • Ping pong tables in lounges
  • Vending machines on each floor
  • Parking surrounding building
  • 24-hour maintenance support
  • Open lounge on each floor
  • Study lounge on each floor
  • Recycling and trash chutes on each floor

Students individualize their own apartments and townhouses with common area furnishings.


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Wondering where you will call home next year?

Welcome to Anderson Hall – home to townhouses and floorhouses, known on campus as Neighborhoods. You can pick a large group of friends to live with (between 7 and 14 others), create your own theme, and name your neighborhood. This is a great opportunity for student organizations, peers within a major, or a common interest group to live together.

Join a tour or event featuring Anderson’s many styles of living spaces to answer any questions you may have on how to start your own neighborhood for next year, or to join one that is already existing.

We want you to live in Anderson next year. Join the neighborhoods!

For more information, contact our office at | 612-330-1526.

Anderson Hall

2016 S 8th Street

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