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Tips to Current Auggies from a Graduating Senior

Today is senior Anna Romskog’s last day at URGO. She graduates tomorrow. Here are a few tips she has for students at Augsburg.

“I’m going to take a page from Dixie’s book here: you actually have 11 semesters here at Augsburg, three of them are summers, use them wisely. URGO has helped me do that, with funded research between my sophomore and junior year. That opportunity opened doors for me to do other research and it is part of the reason I’m going to graduate school in the fall.

Use the resources available to you. That’s my biggest piece of advice. URGO will help you get ready for grad school and fellowship interviews, they will help you write your CV and your personal statement. They will tell you about opportunities that they think will be good for you or that you might be interested in. Kirsten, Dixie, and Catherina will help you along the way.

I have loved spending the last two years here working for URGO. I have seen how deeply they care about students and how much they want to help people reach their goals, whether that’s grad school, research, traveling to present research or fellowships. URGO helps you achieve. Dixie, Kirsten, and Catherina give their all to help students and they drag you into the URGO family. I’m sad to leave them but I’m looking forward to the next opportunity they have help me achieve.”