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Zyzzogeton Research Symposium

Hosted by URGO, McNair, and STEM ProgramsStudent presenting their poster at Z

The 2021 Zyzzogeton Research Symposium will be held virtually

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Visit virtual Zyzzogeton 2021 for more information and Zoom Links

Those who need any disability-related accommodation to fully participate in this event are encouraged to contact University Events at or 612-330-1104. Remember to have the name, date, and time of the event with you when contacting their office. Please allow for sufficient time to arrange the accommodation.

Hagfors Zoom Room

3:00 – 3:18 Biochemistry & Chemistry (Camden, Ellena, Lobdell, Lor, Puchaicela)

Moderator: Ben Binder

3:20 – 3:38 Biology 1 (Fairbanks, Llapa, Moua, Oblitey, Radilla, Rogge)

Moderator: Matt Beckman

3:40 – 3:58 Economics & Sociology (Chastain, Jewell, Medina, Mendoza, Morales Delgado)

Moderator: Diane Pike

4:00 – 4:20 Art, Music & Theater (Astani, Eck, Grand, Reinan, Velesaca)

Moderator: Dan Ibarra

Sverdrup Zoom Room

3:00 – 3:18 Chemistry (Lu, Poppen, Rasche, Sabino Pina, Tawakalna)

Moderator: Michael Wentzel

3:20 – 3:38 Biology 2 (Cantoran, Huynh, Kannare, Oteju, Warrington)

Moderator: Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright

3:40 – 3:58 Psychology (Ahamadeen, Christopher, Kelly, Nieder, Seltzer)

Moderator: Ben Denkinger

4:00 – 4:20 Business, Exercise Science & Social Work (Ahmed, Jones, Lessert, Nelson)

Moderator: Melissa Hensley

Memorial Zoom Room

3:00 – 3:18 Math, Statistics & Computer Science (MSCS) (Arns, Miller, Strombeck, Xiong)

Moderator: Rebekah Dupont

3:20 – 3:38 Biology 3 (Bieganek, Holewa, Litwin, Shiongyaj)

Moderator: Leon van Eck

3:40 – 3:58 Anthropology & Gender, Sexuality, Women’s Studies (Chang, Gaskill, Robles 


Moderator: Cruz Rodriguez

Lindell Zoom Room

3:00 – 3:20 Physics (Armbruster, Boysen, Panora, Yang)

Moderator: Ben Stottrup

Augsburg celebrates the creativity and scholarship of undergraduate students with its annual Zyzzogeton festival. The festival falls at the end of each academic year and is a culmination of achievement featuring work across departments. Over 80 students participate each year, showcasing their research. A “zyzzogeton” is a green leaf-hopper as well as the last word in the Webster Collegiate Dictionary, which is a fitting symbol to mark the end of the academic year.  The public is welcome, so please come join us for this exciting event!


Sample posters from past Zyzzogeton Symposiums: