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Health Insurance

All international students are required to have adequate health insurance for the duration of their academic program at Augsburg University and every day you are in the United States as an international student. Students must be enrolled in a health insurance plan for their entire stay in the U.S., including school break periods. We encourage all students to carry their health insurance card and be aware of your options if you get sick or in case of emergency.


GeoBlue Health Insurance

Augsburg provides health insurance for F-1 international students through GeoBlue – this is a Blue Cross Blue Shield Network. Find out specific information about the plan on their online portal. If you are a GeoBlue member, you can download the app or request a card in the following ways:
1. Download the “GeoBlue” App and have constant access to your card on your phone, in addition to many other member services.
2. Register or Log In as a member at, where you can request a card (laminated copy) that can be sent to your Augsburg mail box, or ours (CB #68), or you can print a card. You will need a certificate number – we can provide that information for you.
3. You can call GeoBlue member services and request that they send you a card.


Review the GeoBlue Student Member Guide for 2017-2018 for more information.