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International mentors

Stories from Mentors & Mentee’s

Below are some stories from the International Mentor’s Program Participants!


Mentor posing at banquet      Francesca Chiari, Italy, 2018

“Talking to your mentee and trying to get to know him/her at a more personal level is the key to actually be a successful mentor. Instead of just making sure to you’re completing a list without getting to know your mentee, try to understand the needs, goals, even though sometimes they do not even know what those needs and goals are. Sometimes you have to be the one helping them figuring it out.”


Mentor connecting in quad      Mahdi Rahmani, Afghanistan, 2020

“From the International Student Mentors program I learned that new international students need someone to trust and be able to talk about what’s on their mind. The program made me remember my first days as an international student here in the US and how difficult it was for me to figure everything out. It’s our responsibility to help new students learn about the new culture they’re coming in but also to connect them with other students. Being there for someone and connecting them with other people creates a sense of community. As a mentor you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping others feel welcome into their new home. Being part of this community will bring you new friendships and opportunities.”




ISO cultural night      Linh Dao, Vietnam, 2019

“I learned how inspiring and motivating a person can be, and I learned that I am capable of more than I think. I am thankful for meeting my mentor and I had the honor to be her mentee. I have the wills to strive being an admirable person like her. For my case, I think this program is very successful. Thank you for pairing me with my mentor!”


international student singing at banquet      Natalie Amanda William, Malaysia, 2020

“I learned that having a mentor will definitely help me a lot especially the first few weeks being on campus. The system at Augsburg works really well and better when my mentor physically was there for me and helped me with all my needs. What I will take away from this program is being connected with ISO and building connections around campus is important and definitely useful not only during the program but even after International Mentor program. This program will help me be a better mentor myself to the upcoming international students as well, and I will train my leadership skills as a mentor as myself.”