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Global Living Learning Community

The Global Living Community (GLC) is an intercultural living and learning environment in which intercultural understanding extends beyond the classroom into daily student life.

The primary goal of the GLC is to contribute to the global literacy at Augsburg University by creating an on-campus community in which cultural diversity is truly valued. 

Participants are committed to promoting international understanding by exploring issues of international importance, by creating new cross-cultural connections, increasing their cultural competency and by enriching existing international linkages on campus and in the wider community.

Want to sign up for a Living Learning Community?

While completing your 2023-2024 Housing and Meal Plan Contract, make sure to indicate your interest!

Someone from Residence Life will be in touch with next steps.

For questions about this, contact Residence Life at

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Course Requirements: None

Open to: All Day Students (primarily international students, but domestic student interested in global living)

Main Contact: Bettine Hoff Hermanson (