The TRIO Scholarship is for active  junior and senior TRIO/SSS participants at Augsburg College to help offset loans or unmet need in the student’s aid package. This scholarship is part of the program’s commitment to retention of TRIO/SSS participants.  Not all program junior and senior program participants will receive or are eligible for the TRIO Scholarship.

TRIO/SSS juniors and seniors who:

  • receive a Pell Grant of at least $573
  • have loans or other unmet need as verified by your current financial aid award letter or Student Financial Services (SFS)
  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • are currently a full-time student (12 semester credits or higher)
  • are not an Augsburg Promise or President’s Scholar
  • have an anticipated graduation date of spring semester, summer semester, fall semester 2015, or spring semester or summer semester 2016
  • not on a study abroad program or other activity that prevents you from completing requirements

are eligible to apply for the TRIO Scholarship!

All eligible applicants must attend a required TRIO Scholarship meeting at the start of the year (fall) to learn about TRIO Scholarship requirements and to receive the scholarship application.

On the condition that sufficient funds are available, applicants who satisfy all scholarship requirements will receive TRIO/SSS scholarships. Scholarship award amounts will be determined by the program director and SFS based on the applicant’s financial need. Scholarship funds are distributed in February or March of each year, upon verification of completed requirements.