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When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to go to higher education, but being the first in my family it was very difficult for me to know what I was supposed to be doing.  During my senior year in high school I was introduced to… Richard Webb who used to work at Augsburg.  Next thing you know I was accepted into Summer Bridge and to Augsburg.  I seriously did not know what I was getting myself into.  (Summer Bridge) was the hardest five weeks of my educational journey.  TRIO has challenged me to challenge myself.  Delissa Hernandez ’14

Delissa is also featured in an article published by the Minnesota Private College Council (MPCC).


Since starting college in July 2011 my life has not been the same…because of the positive effect that the TRIO/SSS program has had on me.  Academically and emotionally…with the help and guidance of TRIO/SSS I am a very successful student and I’m achieving goals that were once merely a dream…I have excelled in my academics and I’m now, more than ever, able to understand my own potential and how to achieve that potential.  Being that I am from a single parent household my mother is unable to help me pay for my education.  With the help of TRIO/SSS I have been able to find way to help fund my education, many of which are through scholarships.  TRIO/SSS is helping me break a chain of poverty within my family and for that I am grateful.  Hassan Sankoh ’15


As an incoming freshman…I was given the opportunity to participate in TRIO/ Student Support Services as one of 22 students chosen for Summer Bridge.  Summer Bridge has been my only opportunity to experience living on campus in my entire college career.  TRIO/SSS was the first introduction I had to Augsburg, and it made me believe I was at the right college because I was given so much support and so many opportunities.  I made friends who share the same passions and goals of pursuing education, which as created lasting friendships.  With the help of my TRIO/SSS advisor, I learned an efficient way to organize my busy schedule.  I will never forget the feeling of confidence I gained while being in Summer Bridge.  This program has helped me surpass so many academic difficulties and accomplish so many goals in the last two years.  I look forward to working with TRIO/SSS throughout the rest of my college career.  Tia Lee Vue ’15