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Summer Bridge FAQs

How much does it cost for me to participate in TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge?

There are no out-of-pocket costs for Summer Bridge and financial aid will be awarded to those who qualify and who have completed financial aid files (FAFSA and other documentation requested from Student Financial Services). TRIO/SSS and Augsburg pay additional Summer Bridge program costs.  Students may want to bring money for miscellaneous personal expenses not covered by the program. Covered costs include room and board, summer course tuition, books, and activity fees. This is a value of over $5000 for TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge program participants.

Do I need to have participated in a college readiness program (TRIO/Upward Bound, TRIO/Talent Search, AVID, College Possible, etc.) to apply for or participate in Summer Bridge?

No. Anyone may apply for TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge as long as they meet TRIO/SSS eligibility requirements.

Where do Summer Bridge students live on campus? May I commute to campus during TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge?*

Because TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge is a residential program all participants are expected to live on campus during the program. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the program director.

Students live in secure, on campus housing accessed with a key fob. Students will have keys to their rooms which are shared with one to three other same-gendered program participants.

For more information about Augsburg residence halls, visit the Residence Life Website.

Campus housing is conveniently located to classes, the dining hall, the Department of Public Safety office, and many local attractions in Minneapolis and St. Paul, most of which are accessible by public transit.

*Participation in campus life (e.g. face-to-face learning, on- and off-campus social activities, living in the residence hall) will be done in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines established by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Augsburg University.

Augsburg University COVID-19 Outbreak Planning

May I bring my car to TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge? What about parking?

Students may bring their cars to campus during TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge and park in designated student campus surface lots. Augsburg and TRIO/SSS assume no responsibility or payment for parking violations, or damage to or loss from personal vehicles. Please visit the Department of Public Safety Website for more information about campus parking.

Where do I eat? How do I wash my clothes?

Students will eat most meals in the Christensen Center dining hall. Students may also want to bring money for additional groceries, snacks, or eating out when off campus. There are free laundry facilities in each residence hall.

What classes will I take during Summer Bridge?

Summer Bridge participants take TRI 101: Navigating the Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education and COM 111: Public Speaking. These are traditional Augsburg courses taught by Augsburg professors and fulfill general graduation and/or major requirements. TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge course credit is awarded after successful completion of the fall semester following Summer Bridge; these credits may not be transferred to another institution.

If you are currently taking or have previously taken a college-level (introduction to) public speaking course, equivalent to Augsburg’s COM 111: Public Speaking course, and received or will receive college credit for the course, the Summer Bridge program is not an advantageous program for you! You may not earn college credit twice for the same course taken twice.

What is the daily schedule?

In addition to courses in research skills and public speaking, students will attend Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) seminars, workshops, and other planned activities. Unless otherwise specified, participation in all activities is mandatory. The daily schedule typically begins at 8:00 am and runs until 7:00 pm (most nights) Monday through Friday. Students will generally have open time during the weekend; students are expected to return to campus on Sundays by 5:30 pm.

May I work or have other outside commitments during TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge?

The TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge schedule is hectic and demanding; we meet daily and attendance is required at all program activities. Students may not be absent for activities such as work, family vacations, etc. Please keep this in mind before deciding to apply for Summer Bridge. Students are expected to commit fully to TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge during the five-week program.

May I leave campus from time to time during TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge?

Students may leave for family emergencies, or may leave during non-scheduled program times. Students are expected to stay on campus at night. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the program director. Students will receive a calendar of events before the program begins, upon arrival to campus, and they will have access to this calendar via their Augsburg Google Drive account.

May I have guests during TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge?*

Guests are welcome during non-scheduled program hours and are under the same rules as program participants. Guests may not stay overnight in the residence hall.

What if someone wants to send me mail or a package? Where do I buy stamps?

Students may send and receive mail from the on-campus post office, and will receive information about this service upon acceptance to the TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge program, and/or their arrival to campus.

Does participation in Summer Bridge mean I don’t have to participate in Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)?

Summer Bridge students will still attend SOAR, a two-day experience that is required for all incoming first year students. Summer Bridge students have reserved spots in a to be determined SOAR session. Visit Campus Life for more information about SOAR.

What are some other reasons I should apply to, and participate in, TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge?

Besides the head start on your college career:

  • You’ll make friendships with other new Augsburg students before the academic year begins
  • You’ll have a network of faculty, staff, and peers in a supportive learning environment
  • You’ll enhance your study skills in college-level reading, writing, thinking, and public speaking
  • You’ll participate in academic seminars, workshops, and other on- and off-campus activities designed to familiarize you with Augsburg and your new Minneapolis environment
  • It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity

And you’ll receive six, free Augsburg credits upon successful completion (passing grades in all summer courses) of the TRIO/SSS Summer Bridge program.

Great! What is the application process?

Visit the Apply to Summer Bridge page for more information about the application process.

Is campus residency a requirement to receive the summer bridge promise grant?

Students are not required to live on campus during the academic year to receive the Summer Bridge Promise Grant. However, students who do live on campus will be eligible for an additional $2000 per year to help cover housing expenses.

What are the dates for Summer Bridge 2024?

Summer Bridge 2024 will be Sunday, June 23 – Thursday, July 18. All Summer Bridge dates listed are tentative and subject to change.

What happens after I’ve been admitted to Summer Bridge?

Keep an eye out for your “Welcome to Summer Bridge” information packet, which is usually mailed a few weeks after you receive your Summer Bridge admission letter.  This will have detailed information about move-in day and Summer Bridge orientation, descriptions of campus life and descriptions of your summer courses, attendance and dress policies, a tentative daily summer schedule, and most importantly, what you should (and should not) bring to Summer Bridge.  The “Welcome Packet” is usually mailed a few weeks before Summer Bridge move-in day.