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Financial Aid Update for Parents

The Fall 2018 billing statements will be electronically sent to all registered students on July 10th.  To ensure that all financial aid has been applied for, and correct amounts are owed, please make sure your student has turned in all necessary documents to the Student Financial Services Office by June 30th.  Students can go to and click on ‘Review Your Financial Aid’ to check the status of their financial aid, or to see what documents are missing or incomplete.

All students are eligible to enroll in Augsburg’s Online Payment Plan; enrollment will open on July 10th.   Go to to sign up for the payment plan.

To ensure 5 monthly payments, the application must be completed by July 26th.

Tuition accounts must be paid-in-full to register for fall term, and for a diploma and/or transcript to be released; payments can be made online by going to   Students can go to and click on “Review Your Student Account’ to see if they have an unpaid balance.  Please see the Parent Information tab at for instructions on making a payment  and obtaining access to discuss your student’s financial information, etc.  Please note that we will be unable to speak with any parent/guardian that has not been authorized by the student.