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Parent Update from Financial Services

Registration for the spring term begins November 9. Students who have unpaid fall charges, or are not up-to-date on their payment plans, will be unable to register.

Students can make payments online by logging into and going to Make a Payment/Account Activity on the right-hand menu. Click on Make a Payment and then Make a Payment Online. Students are highly encouraged to give parents/guardians access to view their financial statements. Students must log in to and select Make a Payment/Account Activity on the right-hand menu.  Click View your online student account and follow the instructions under Parent/Third Party Access Instructions – Make a Payment.

Please be advised that our office is unable to communicate with anyone other than the student on financial issues unless they have completed the online Information Release form. The student must log into their Augnet Account at or and click on Records and Registration. Under Information Release they need to Add an Authorization. Enter the full name and email address of the party/parties to whom they are giving permission for our communication. Next, select Financial Aid/Finances Release and then click Save.