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Crime Advisory 11/23/2022: Motor Vehicle Theft

Alert Date: 11-23-22 Incident Date: 11-12-22 through 11-19-22 

Offense: Motor Vehicle Theft  

Location: 23rd Ave near Kennedy Center and Lot B

Between 11/12/22 and 11/19/22 there have been motor vehicles stolen on campus. One was taken from 23rd Avenue near Kennedy Center and two were taken from Lot B. In at least two of the incidents entry was made into the vehicles by breaking out a window. There may have been two additional attempts during the same time frame involving forced entry and damage to steering columns. It is believed each of the incidents took place during the early evening hours.  

Augsburg public Safety and the Minneapolis Police Department are investigating these offenses. Anyone with any information regarding these incidents is asked to call Augsburg Department of Public Safety at 612-330-1717.

Remember that YOU can help prevent crimes from occurring on campus by following the tips below and calling Public Safety when you witness suspicious activity.

Be aware of your surroundings.   Lock your doors.   Report people tailgating into buildings. Watch your valuables – do not leave valuables unattended.  Lock your vehicle and keep valuables out of sight.  Walk in groups or call Public Safety for an escort.  Stay in well lit areas if possible.  Report suspicious activity IMMEDIATELY!


Contact Public Safety by calling 612-330-1717 or using the