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The English Literature, Language, and Theory concentration provides students various approaches to the life-enhancing study of the written word and visual text. Spotlight courses focus on specific authors, genres, or themes, and provoke discovery of new literary experiences. Courses in African American, Native American, Asian American, and post colonial literatures reconfigure the nature of traditional literary studies. Survey courses in English, American, and World literatures are organized by historical periods and provide a classically structured framework of study. Courses in literary theory demand the intense and intellectually challenging engagement of text, culture, and self.

While some of our courses foreground theoretical approaches to literature and deeply examine race, class, and gender in the consideration of their subject matter, all of our courses infuse these concerns into their engagement with primary works of fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, film, and drama.

All literature classes involve students in dynamic and enjoyable literary examination, and are taught by professors who love teaching and who love literature. Our classes develop and demand the skills of aesthetic receptivity, perceptive and critical reading, open and clear speaking, and analytical and engaging writing—skills of the educated and employable citizen. The literature, language, and theory concentration offers courses of study crosslisted with American Indian, First Nations, and Indigenous Studies, Art, Communication Studies, Film, Theatre Arts, and Women’s Studies.

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