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Writing Lab

writinglabWelcome to the Writing Lab at Augsburg University. Our goal is to create a place where students can find useful information and resources about writing.

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Our Mission

The Writing Lab is a free academic support service for all members of the Augsburg Community. Our purpose in the Writing Lab is collaboration with students in order to facilitate their engagement with the writing process–from brainstorming ideas and thesis formation to proofreading the final draft and providing editing strategies.

The Writing Lab staff members have also compiled many grammar worksheets and various handouts that provide information at all steps of the writing process. The Writing Lab can help writers deal with writer’s block, audience awareness, argumentation, organization, grammar, research skills, the conventions of academic writing, English as a Foreign Language, and issues of clarity and style. By enlisting the students’ active involvement in this process through individual tutoring, useful writing handouts, and interactive dialogue, we encourage them to understand their writing strengths and weaknesses.

The Writing Lab’s goal is to produce better writers who will compose well-developed, well-structured, coherent papers. By these means, we build positive tutor-writer relationships. We look forward to seeing you!

Remember this is your paper, and you set the agenda for each session. In the lab, the tutors want the writer to share ideas before offering input.


The Writing Lab offers one-to-one tutoring to students who want help in developing the skills necessary for effective writing. The Lab approaches writing primarily as a process. Students are encouraged to bring in projects at any stage of completion — rough notes, drafts, finished essays, graded papers — and are offered help with any aspect of the writing process.

Here is a brief overview of what we can do:

  1. Help to strengthen your thesis
  2. Help to analyze your topic
  3. Work with you on all aspects of your writing process:
    • Starting to write
    • Development of Paragraphs
    • Constructing Sentences
    • Punctuation
    • Proofreading and Editing
  4. Address specific questions about writing
  5. Help with Style and Format of papers
  6. Address specific difficulties or concerns based on your inquiry about assignments and/or writing in your classes
  7. Work with you on a long-term basis or on individual assignments