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Monday, October 10, 2016, Board of Regents tours and prep work for fourth-floor construction

In the coming weeks, the Hagfors Center will reach its full height as the third floor of the west wing is completed and construction of the partial fourth floor of the north wing gets underway. The 3D image below provides a structural view of both wings of the building, the Learning Commons, and the skyway.

Structural perspective of the Hagfors Center from the south east
This 3D structural view shows the Learning Commons, which comprises the main lobby and the adjacent flexible classroom space. It also shows the four floors of the north wing, the three floors of the west wing, and the skyway that will cross over 21st Avenue South on the second level and into the west side of Lindell Library.


Work expected on the construction work this week includes the following:

  • Preparation for construction of the skyway. The temporary interior wall on the west end of the second floor of Lindell Library is installed and painted. The temporary wall will block the interior from the construction work on the skyway. As a result of constructing the wall, the seating area in that space has been removed, but access to the elevators and restrooms remains available. This week, crews will also begin removing exterior portions of the west side of Lindell Library to verify connection details for the skyway. McGough Construction is coordinating this work with Augsburg’s Facilities Department to avoid disruption to building access and trash service on that side of Lindell.
  • Construction begins on the third floor of the west wing. The concrete pour for the third-story floor of the west wing is scheduled this week. As with prior concrete pours, this work will involve staging of concrete trucks on adjacent streets to enable a consistent concrete supply for the pour. Watch for signage regarding parking restrictions. Once the third-story slab is complete, crews will begin work on the third-floor columns and then the concrete formwork for the roof.
  • North and west wing connection. This week, the structural steel installer will begin prep work for the steel beam installation that will connect the north and west wings of the building.
  • Installation work in the basement. Work continues on the installation of electrical conduit, piping for wastewater and other plumbing in the basement. The metal stud wall framing for interior walls and door frame installation are completed in the basement.
  • Piping, electrical, metal framing, door frames, and duct work installation. Crews will continue installation of piping, electrical conduit, duct work, metal stud framing, and door frames on the first floor this week. Plumbing and mechanical installation also continues on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • Preparation for fourth-floor construction.The structural steel for the partial fourth floor on the north wing continues to be fabricated at an off-site location. Construction of the fourth story is scheduled to begin in the next couple of weeks.
  • Work west of Oren Gateway Center. The next work to take place in the area west of Oren Gateway Center will be the installation of steel framing for the screening fence. The design and placement of the fence have been finalized, so fabrication of the fence materials will begin this week. The off-site materials fabrication is expected to take several weeks.
  • Board of Regents tours. On Friday, as part of their fall Board meeting, members of the Augsburg College Board of Regents will have the opportunity to tour the Hagfors Center construction site and get a glimpse of the views from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the north wing.