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URGO Student Spotlight | Kelly Lu ’22

Kelly Lu landed at Augsburg for two reasons: the location and her mom. Kelly wanted to stay within her comfort zone of the Twin Cities and was focused on smaller campuses for the small class sizes, which is how she first encountered Augsburg. Kelly had an opportunity to tour Augsburg’s campus during an URGO field trip, and when she told her mom about her experience, her mom told her to go to Augsburg.

“My mom believed URGO was a helpful program,” said Kelly.

Kelly enrolled at Augsburg and initially planned to follow a medical track. She didn’t have a clear direction in high school about what she wanted to major in, but her mom thought the medical field would hold promising work.

A picture of Kelly Lu '22.
Kelly Lu ’22

While in a class with professor Dr. Vivian Feng, Kelly learned about biochemistry. And she found her calling. Continue reading “URGO Student Spotlight | Kelly Lu ’22”