Center for Counseling and Health Promotion


Center for Counseling and Health Promotion

The Center for Counseling and Health Promotion (CCHP) offers programs and services that enhance student learning by promoting personal development and well-being. The staff embraces a broad concept of wellness with an emphasis on physical and psychological health. We work in collaboration with the campus community to create a healthy environment for student learning and academic success. We offer three student service areas: counseling, student health clinic, and health promotion.


The center’s counseling services support and assist students in coping with personal difficulties that may interfere with their personal or academic progress. Students may use counseling to engage in problem solving about a number of issues, including depression, anxiety, transition, relationship building, loneliness, and loss. The goal of counseling is personal growth, and there are many reasons students choose to participate in counseling. Students never need to feel that their problems are not important enough to see a counselor; if it is a concern to the student, it will be a concern to the counselor.

Health Promotion

We offer information and activities to help students identify choices and adopt new behaviors for a healthier lifestyle by offering:

  • Health and mental health self-help web links and community resources
  • Health Fair
  • Small-group workshops and programs
  • Free drop-in yoga classes
  • Student peer education group

Crisis Phone Numbers
Center for Counseling and Health Promotion (8 am – 5 pm M-F)

Department of Public Safety  612-330-1717

Crisis Connection (24-hour phone counseling) 612-379-6363

Aurora Center (24-hour sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence hotline): 612-626-9111