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Center for Wellness & Counseling


Coping with COVID

Healing from Racial Trauma

Self-Care for Activists

Apps & Podcasts for Mental Health

CWC’s  phone counseling service (ProtoCall) is currently available 24/7 (612-330-1707, Option 1).

Regular counseling services are available at Augsburg’s CWC during fall and spring semesters.  During the summer, free or low cost resources are available in the community, including Walk In Counseling Center.


To succeed as a student, it’s important to stay healthy in your body, your mind, and your relationships. The Center for Wellness & Counseling (CWC) wants to partner with you in your health.  CWC offers services to help you become physically and emotionally resilient, so that you can “bounce back” in the face of college stress.  We offer:

•Free, confidential personal counseling, building on your strengths and resources in a safe and supportive space.  Counseling services at CWC are available during fall and spring semester.  During the summer,  free or low-cost counseling services are available in the community.

After-hours urgent phone counseling

•Relaxation Room with massage chair, relaxing music, and guided imageries

•Low-cost medical services at our neighborhood family practice clinic, People’s Center ($5 co-pay for uninsured Augsburg students)

Wellness activities and self-help information to help you choose a healthy lifestyle

The CWC staff is committed to providing services that are culturally informed, inclusive and honoring of spiritual and religious perspectives, and LGBTQIA affirmative. We are honored to have received the 2014 “Augsburg Pride Award” from LGBTQIA Services.


(Pictured in photo, from left to right:  Dianne Detloff, Abby Schnedler, Josh Kent, Beth Carlson, Nancy Guilbeault, Christine Oliver, Amber Madume)