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Turning Depression Around      Handout with resources for Augsburg students on standing up to and turning around depression through self-care; includes support resources on campus.  For individualized support in using the suggestions in this handout, Augsburg students can schedule an appointment with a counselor at CWC (612-330-1707).

Understanding and Coping With Depression     Handout summarizing Dr. Henry Emmons’ talk at Augsburg on a holistic understanding of depression

Depression and College Students     Brochure from the National Institute of Mental Health

Becoming a Better Consumer of Anti-Depressant Medications       Handout from Augsburg’s CWC.

Back from the Bluez   Free online workbook using cognitive-behavioral approach.

Signs of High Functioning Depression  video

Pacifica app (anxiety, stress and depression relief)  iPhone / android   (basic app is free and has many good tools such as goal-setting, breathing techniques, mindfulness meditations, mood tracking, cognitive behavioral therapy tools, and also online support groups; there is also a premium app for a monthly fee)  Start with the Guided Paths “The First Week” as a good introduction to the tools on this app.

Stories About Depression.  The Mighty.

ULifeline’s Depression Support Page

Half Of Depression Page

Depression & Bipolar Depression Support Alliance

I had a black dog, his name was depression  (YouTube video)

My Depression Story:  YouTube star Meghan Rienks

Face It Foundation    Local and on-line support for men with depression

Anxiety and depression:  Which supplements can I take to help treat these?  Dr. Henry Emmons

Blogger Glennon Doyle Melton — The Erasing

Wellness Recovery Action Plan Toolbox

Undoing Depression  A Self-Help Support Site by psychotherapist Richard O’Connor author of Happy at Last

Local, in-person support groups.

Books and Guided Imagery CDs in Augsburg Library   At the reserve desk; just show the Circulation desk worker either the catalog record for the item, or the Reserves list (on your laptop or phone).

My3 App   Create a coping plan and lists of supports (your “3”) for times when you are feeling suicidal in this free app.



Writer/Activist Imade Nobukun:  Youtube video “Imade on Depression and the interactions of social justice and mental health

The FaceIt Foundation  Support for men with depression in the Twin Cities    Local support groups as well as individual peer support: “Men can connect with a Face It peer in two different ways. For a man living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Face It can connect him to a peer who has battled depression to chat with by phone or email, or even meet for a cup of coffee.”

Real Stories of Men with Depression    HeadsUpGuys

HeadsUpGuys.  For Men.  About Men.  Health Strategies for Managing and Preventing Depression.

Men & Depression  — It’s Time to Face It

Black and Blue:  On Being Black, Female, and Depressed (HuffPo article by jn. salters)

The Seven Beliefs:  A Step by Step Guide to Helping Latinas Recognize and Overcome Depression (Amazon book)

Asian American Women and Depression   Kristina Wong

WeRNative  Depression

Mental Health Issues for GLBT People  — NAMI MN Fact Sheet

The Truth About Gay Men and Depression    (HuffPo article by Max DuBowy)