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Health Insurance / Medication


Augsburg students are not required to have health insurance.  However, you are strongly encouraged to pursue insurance coverage, as there are now many affordable options through the Affordable Care Act.  Many of our students who come from low-income households, or who are not taken as a dependent on a parent’s tax return, find that they qualify for free or very low cost insurance through federal or state programs like Medical Assistance and Minnesota Care.  There is a lot of support available for figuring this out (see “ACA/Obamacare” section below).

If you are from outside Minnesota or from outside the Twin Cities area, make sure that your policy covers you in Minneapolis.  If not, please contact your company to see if it’s possible to make special arrangements for out-of-area coverage.

If your parents have insurance, the Affordable Care Act allows students to stay on their parents’ policy until the age of 26.

If you do not have insurance, here are some helpful resources to check out.

Private Student Insurance Plans

Horizon Agency
Offers voluntary health insurance to students.  A number of plans are available.

Minnesota state insurance programs / affordable care act

Minnesota State Insurance Programs – three types of help with health insurance costs are available in Minnesota:

  1. Medical Assistance – Minnesota’s Medicaid program for people with low income (no monthly premium, very low co-pays for some services).  You can apply any time of year for MA.
  2. MinnesotaCare – a program for Minnesotans with low incomes who do not have access to affordable health care coverage (monthly premium based on your income).  You can apply any time for year for MNCare.
  3. Qualified Health Plan through the Affordable Care Act — financial help in the form of tax credits for people who qualify.  You must apply during the annual enrollment period.  If you experience a major life event, such as turning 26, you may apply outside the enrollment period.

Note that in determining eligibility for college students, your parents’ income may be counted if they claim you as a tax dependent (this is true even if you do not live with them or are temporarily away at college).  To determine your eligibility, use the MNSure website below.  If you have questions or need assistance enrolling, contact Health Access MN below for free assistance (recommended as this is their specialty), or find a MNSure Navigator through the “Assister Directory” on the MNSure website below (the closest navigator to Augsburg is at the People’s Center).  Note that the application can be somewhat complicated so having navigator support is recommended.

Health Access  Health insurance enrollment help from MNSure certified navigators.  Call to make an online appointment.  They will help determine which of the three types of help noted above you qualify for, and assist with the actual enrollment process.651-645-0215

MNsure – Health insurance exchange that provides a one-stop health insurance marketplace where Minnesotans can find and compare plans and choose the coverage that fits their needs. Based on your income, MNSure will also let you know if you qualify for free or low cost insurance through the state or federal insurance programs  (Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care).1-855-366-7873

Assister Network to find someone to help  you with your application.  Navigators and assisters are available through many community health clinics, including the People’s Center Clinic (across the street from Augsburg), Community-University Health Care, Smiley’s Clinic, and Native American Community Clinic.

MNCare Eligibility for DACA grantees (Minnesota Department of Health)  DACA students can apply for Minnesota Care. DACA students have to fill out a paper application and fax it in.  This can take about a month to process.  You can google the application as paper application as “DHS 6696 form”.


International Student Health Insurance Programs

International students (F-1 & J-1 students and their dependents) are required to have adequate health insurance during their study program. The ISSS office asks that international students enroll in Augsburg University’s group plans. To enroll or inquire about Augsburg’s group plan for international students, please contact the ISSS Office at and they will support you further.




GoodRx is a very helpful website where you get coupons for cheap prescriptions for many medications, works for self-pay prescriptions not insurance

Cost Plus Drug Company  More affordable meds online; need prescription; self-pay only not insurance.

RxAssist   Directory of patient assistance programs run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medication to people who cannot afford their medications.