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Consultation with the Center for Wellness & Counseling

Concerned about your Auggie’s mental health?  You are welcome to contact CWC at 612-330-1707 to consult with a counselor.  Please note that all services at CWC are confidential, so we cannot tell you if your student is seeking services here.  If your student would like us to consult with you as their parent, they can choose to sign a written release of information form giving us permission to do so, or may choose to invite you to join them during a counseling session.

Also, please note that, due to professional ethics, counselors at CWC cannot reach out to contact your student to ask them to come in for counseling.  If you do want someone on campus to reach out to your student you can talk to their Hall Director (if they live on campus), or talk to the Dean of Students, Mike Grewe (612-330-1499).

Online Resources

Set to Go   The Jed Foundation has put together resources to help you anticipate, plan for, and protect the emotional health of your college-aged children.

Starting the Conversation:  College and Your Mental Health  (a guide for parents and students from the Jed Foundation)

A Parent’s Guide to Mental Health for College Students

What to Do If You Are Concerned About Your Teen’s Mental Health   A conversation guide from the Jed Foundation.