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Counseling services will be provided in person or by Zoom.  Private rooms are available to reserve at CWC if you want to Zoom in a private space.

Counseling services at CWC are available during fall and spring semester.

During the summer,  24/7 urgent phone counseling is available to Augsburg students, and for ongoing in-person counseling, free or low-cost counseling services are available in the community.

CWC offers the following counseling services to students:

•short-term individual counseling for currently enrolled students

after-hours telephone counseling support for urgent concerns

crisis intervention

•consultation and referral to on- and off-campus resources

•consultation to students concerned about a friend’s mental health

•connection to sexual assault support services at the Aurora Center

Call 612-330-1707 or email  to schedule an appointment.



All students using CWC services will have access to a confidential client portal where students can do paperwork, access telehealth if needed, and use secure messaging with CWC.

To log in to the client portal click here ( and login with your Augsburg username and password.  Then when prompted, enter your birthdate.