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College Mental Health


Mental health apps & podcasts

ULifeline    Your online resource for college mental health.

College Health TV

JED Foundation Mental Health Resource Center

Active Minds   National student organization working to de-stigmatize mental health issues on campus.

Go Ask Alice    Q&A on college health, sexual health, and mental health.

Life on Campus    Mental Health America

Half of Us. com     Video mental health stories of students and high-profile artists.

The Mighty   Videos and articles by people dealing with mental illness (depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, etc.)     Info on anxiety disorders and detailed self-help.

Taking a Leave of Absence:  What You Need to Know    Mental Health America

Self Help Manuals for Mental Health Issues


Being Well podcast   Dr. Rick Hanson interviews mental health experts on trauma, counseling, bipolar disorder, grief, relationships, mindfulness and many other helpful topics.

The One You Feed podcast  “The creators Eric Zimmer and Chris Ford say on their website: ‘we were both prone to being sad sacks, so we figured we needed the content of the show as much or more than any listeners.’ By interviewing successful authors, comedians, psychologists, and others who have pushed through the angst, they demonstrate how to live better with issues like depression and anxiety. These episodes invite us to improve our mental wellbeing without beating ourselves up for whatever tends to get in our way.”



8 Tips for Finals Week Stress

Campus Calm    A former college “perfectionist” and current life coach shares stress management resources.

Resiliency Skills University of Michigan

Change to Chill    Ways to chill, get perspective, learn mindfulness.  From Allina Health.

Self-Care for Activists



ADDitude Symptom Checker (screening tool for symptoms of ADHD, LD, and other)


Leading ADHD therapist and author Ned Hallowell

“Distraction”  podcast on ADHD by therapist and author Ned Hallowell



Workbook for Overcoming Procrastination



Mindful Hub   Well-being through mindfulness

Natural Mental Health

Becoming Who You Are



How Technology Impacts Your Sleep

6 Tips to Better Sleep    Mayo Clinic

Alarmy app  “If you can’t jump out of bed in the morning (e.g., most people?), this app is for you. It’s a creative alarm system that requires you to be alert before you can turn off the sound. Choose from having to answer math questions, take pictures of objects or places, shake the phone, and others. My choice to cancel the alarm was to take a picture of the sink, which worked super well. Once I fumbled to take the picture, there was nothing else to do but brush my teeth and get ready for the day.”



College Students and Alcohol/Other Drugs (Augsburg’s EP!C Peer Health Educators’ Page)

Go Ask Alice    Q&A on college health, sexual health, and mental health.

National Institute on Drug Abuse    Drugs of Abuse



Grief & Loss handout — handout on how to cope from CWC

How to Be Kind to Yourself in the Face of Rejection



Resilient Travellng:  Managing Stress & Enhancing Your Experience Abroad (University of Michigan)

Rocky Re-entry   “The realities of life after living cross-culturally”



Improve Your Social Skills   Social skills for people on the autism spectrum

Love is Respect

An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills for Those Who Were Never Taught



Resources on Self-Injury from Cornell University



Healthy Gamers



Depression and Bipolar Depression Support Groups

Anxiety and Panic Support Groups



Validate – Appreciate – Refer   Helpful guide from the Active Minds with practical examples of how you can support a friend who is struggling.

Five Helpful Things to Say to a Friend Who Self-Harms

A Friend Asks app

Seize the Awkward    How to talk to a friend if you are concerned about them.  Includes conversation starters.



Speak Up!  Responding to Everyday Bigotry from the Southern Poverty Law Center