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Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in medications for mental health issues.  Many family physicians also prescribe medications for mental health issues.  Most psychiatrists provide medication management only, while a few also provide psychotherapy.

People’s Center has family physicians who often are able to prescribe medications for depression and anxiety.  Uninsured Augsburg students may see a family physician at People’s Center for a $5 co-pay, per contract with Augsburg.

Smiley’s Clinic has family physicians who often are able to prescribe medications for depression and anxiety.  They have access to a consulting psychiatrist.

MiResource database of community mental health providers includes a few psychiatric referrals; a more extensive list is available by contacting CWC directly


Check your health insurance plan for a referral to a psychiatrist in your plan’s network. Please be aware that it is not uncommon to have a long wait for an appointment with a psychiatrist for an initial, non-urgent appointment. If your need is urgent, you may need to meet initially with a physician in your plan, who can facilitate a referral to a psychiatrist; or your plan may provide support in connecting you to a psychiatrist who has a current opening (call your insurance customer service number, and let them know you have an urgent need to see a psychiatrist).  Acute Psychiatric Services can provide a short-term prescription for some medications in an urgent situation (see below).

If you do not have insurance, several of the community clinics on the “Low Cost Health Care” portion of the Health Care page, have either psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse-practitioners, or general practitioners who able to prescribe medication for depression and anxiety, and will help you determine if a referral to a psychiatrist is necessary.  Also, many of the clinics on the Counseling page have medications management available to people who are seeing a therapist at their clinic.

Clinics located near Augsburg:

Insurance or self-pay only: (contact CWC for a more extensive list of local psychiatry practitioners)

University of Minnesota Medical Center – Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic     612-273-8700  (across the street from Augsburg, usually scheduling appointments about two months out)

Psych Recovery (Midway/St. Paul) 651-645-3115

Aspire Mental Health 651-789-0658 (Midway St. Paul)

Allina Health Mental Health — Abbott Northwestern Clinic  612-863-5327   Must be referred by a provider from an Allina hospital or clinic.

Lyn-Lake Psychotherapy and Wellness (Uptown Minneapolis)   612-979-2276    Three Certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

MindPath College Health  Several psychiatric providers in Minnesota location.  Near U of M.  612-229-1090


Accessible to those without insurance:

Community-University Health Care Center  612-301-3433    2001 Bloomington Ave S (just past light rail station on Franklin Ave)  Psychiatry and medications management.  Sliding fee scale and insurance accepted.  CUHCC Psychiatric Triage Helpline  612-301-0876  Walk-in psychiatric hours Monday – Friday 10-3

Hennepin Healthcare Acute Psychiatry Services – Hennepin County Medical Center    612-873-3161   In a psychiatric emergency, this center has psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses on staff who can get you started on psychiatric medication. Open 24 hours for emergency services.  Insurance not necessary if Hennepin County resident but there may be a fee. (A payment schedule may be negotiated, billed as an ER visit.)  Not all psychiatric medications are provided (no stimulants or benzodiazepenes).

Urgent Care for Adult Mental Health (for Ramsey County residents only) 402 University Ave East, St. Paul    Walk-Ins welcome  M-F 8am-5:30pm.

Northpoint Health & Wellness

Hamm Clinic    Must be meeting with one of their therapists for a referral to psychiatry.



See the Student Support Guide — Pharmacies section

GoodRx is a very helpful website where you get coupons for cheap prescriptions for many medications, works for self-pay prescriptions not insurance