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Community Counseling

On Campus at the Center for Wellness & Counseling (free for Augsburg students)

Disclaimer:  CWC is not endorsing any of the following services; our intent is solely to make you aware of possible resources in the community that may be helpful.

Low cost / sliding fee counseling services

Unless otherwise noted, most of the listed agencies provide services on a “sliding fee scale” which slides according to income, in some cases down to $0.  Many of the agencies do take insurance, and if you are income-eligible, will work with you to apply for government health care programs that will cover the costs of counseling (such as MA and Minnesota Care).  Some programs are able to provide services based on the county that you live in.

The Crisis Connection    612-379-6363     free 24/7 phone counseling

Walk-In Counseling Center   612-870-0565  (south Minneapolis; also some hours at Family Tree Clinic in St. Paul)  Free counseling services by volunteer mental health professionals on a short-term basis.  20 minutes by bus from Augsburg (take the 2 Route west towards Franklin, at bus stop on south side of Riverside by Augsburg; get off at Chicago Avenue and walk south a few blocks).  Also a St. Paul location at Family Tree Clinic.  The first appointment is walk-in, then you schedule follow-up sessions with your counselor.

People’s Center — Behavioral Health Services   612-332-4973  (across Riverside from the Afro-Deli)

Community-University Health Care Center — Mental Health   612-301-3433   (near the Franklin Avenue light rail stop)  Sliding fee scale, free to Hennepin County residents if below poverty level. Individual and family counseling, cultural transition counseling, family violence counseling, medication monitoring, mental health day treatment, sexual assault counseling (specialize in working with Somali women). African-American, American Indian, Spanish-speaking, and Asian and African bicultural staff available.  CUHCC Psychiatric Triage Helpline  612-301-0876

Hamm Memorial Psychiatric Clinic   651-224-0614  (downtown St Paul, near light rail) Provides quality and culturally competent mental health care to adults and families, particularly those who cannot afford the full cost of care. Services include individual, group, couples, family psychotherapy, and medication management. Length of therapy varies depending on need.  College students with “high deductible” insurance policies eligible for sliding fee scale.

Indian Health Board   612-721-9807   (Minneapolis Phillips neighborhood, south of Franklin a few blocks) Trauma-informed approaches for healing.  Serving the American Indian and non-native community.  Rides may be provided to clients.

Native American Community Clinic   612-870-8086 press 2    (Minneapolis on Franklin Ave, 10 minutes by bus) Group and individual therapy, appointments and walk-ins.  Sliding fee scale if you do not have insurance.

Communidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio    612-746-3500  Minneapolis office  (1/2 hour by bus; Route 22, transfer at Lake Street to Route 21 westbound)

Wilder Foundation Southeast Asian Services     651-280-2310   (near Lexington Parkway light rail station in St. Paul) Culturally appropriate counseling services for the Southeast Asian community.  Primarily serves St. Paul residents.

Headway Emotional Health Services    Located in Richfield and Golden Valley.  Sliding fee available to lower income clients.  Call Intake Coordinator at 763-746-2411 to see if you qualify.  Offers therapy, EMDR, DBT, medication management.

University of St. Thomas Interprofessional Center for Counseling & Legal Services    651-962-4820   (downtown Minneapolis)  Services provided by supervised graduate students.   Therapy, testing, DBT.

Vet Centers    Free counseling for veterans; Brooklyn Park and New Brighton Centers.

Westminster Counseling Center    612-332-7743  Downtown Minneapolis.  Counseling provided by pastoral counselors with advanced degrees in psychology.   Sliding fee based on income.

Lutheran Social Services    612-879-5320  (Minneapolis)   Free counseling for veterans state-wide.

Hennepin County Mental Health — Information and Referral Nurse – Adult Outpatient Program provides a full range of outpatient mental health services to adult residents of Hennepin County, including individual, couple, family and group therapy, and medication management. Also has an Aftercare and Community Treatment Program which provides long-term, supportive psychotherapy and medication maintenance for persons who experience serious and persistent mental illness. 612-347-5770

Jewish Family Service (St. Paul) – Individual/couple/family counseling, group counseling and support groups. Provides services to all community members and ethnic groups. Priority given to residents of Ramsey County. 651-698-0767

Ramsey County Mental Health   Adult outpatient program for Ramsey County residents providing a full range of outpatient mental health services including urgent care mental health resources. 651-266-7890


Counseling Clinics (requires health insurance)

Fairview Counseling Center — Minneapolis    (612-672-6999)  Across the street from Augsburg.  Must be referred by a Fairview MD that patient has an ongoing relationship with.

Smiley’s Clinic   (note that the Augsburg contract with Smiley’s does NOT cover sessions with their psychologist)

Psych Recovery   (counseling, DBT, and medication management)   University Avenue and 280, short bus ride from Augsburg

Minnesota Center for Psychology  (individual and group DBT, including college student group DBT)   University Avenue near 280, short bus ride east on Franklin from Augsburg)

Kente Circle     Professional therapy services for individuals, couples, and families; embraces community and diversity.  Reduced fees available on a limited basis.  South Minneapolis (40 minutes by light rail/bus)

University of Minnesota Outpatient Psychiatry Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program  (across the street from Augsburg)

Northland Therapy Center  (University Avenue St. Paul, 13 minutes by bus on Route 67)  Special focus in serving the GLBT community.

Lutheran Social Service Counseling and Family Resources  Minneapolis   612-879-5320  Insurance based or sliding fee scale (does not slide to low fee).  Individual, family, and group therapy and medication management, 24 hour emergency service. Staffed by licensed psychologists, licensed social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, chemical dependency professionals, and psychiatrists. Specialized counseling to help people with disabilities.

The Family Partnership  (Minneapolis) – Confidential, professional counseling to individuals and families regardless of ability to pay. Individual, couples, group, and family therapy, and medication management. Specialized counseling services: community counseling, credit counseling, family violence prevention and intervention, GLBT counseling. Locations downtown Minneapolis, Lake Street, Northwest Hennepin, and South Hennepin. 612-339-9101

La Clinica  (St. Paul) Family Support & Mental Health Counseling

Christian Counseling Centers

Westminster Counseling Center    Downtown Minneapolis.  Counseling provided by pastoral counselors with advanced degrees in psychology.   Sliding fee based on income   612-332-7743

Mount Olivet Lutheran Church Counseling Service   Counseling by licensed mental health counselors and a pastoral counselor.   Low cost for members, moderate cost for non-members.  612-927-7335


Online Counseling Referrals

Find a Therapist — Psychology Today   (can search by location, specialty, and insurance)

EMDR Referral Directory    List of therapists in MN trained in EMDR, a special form of therapy that helps in healing from the big and small traumas of life.

Licensed Psychologists/Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers/Licensed Professional Counselors/Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists:

See your insurance plan for a referral to a “behavioral health” therapist covered by your insurance. Many therapists in private practice will also provide services on a “sliding fee scale” basis that adjusts according to your income (on a very limited basis).  Psychologists licensed by the Minnesota Board of Psychology have either master’s or doctoral degrees in psychology or related fields, and have met minimum standards for education and training. They are obligated to subscribe to ethical standards as set forth by the Board of Psychology, including confidentiality standards. Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers typically have a master’s degree in clinical social work and are licensed by the Minnesota Board of Social Work.  Licensed Professional Counselors have a minimum of a master’s degree and are licensed by the MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy.  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists have a minimum of a master’s degree and are licensed by the MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.

CWC will provide referrals to private practice therapists in the community (you are encouraged to schedule a meeting with a counselor to discuss a referral tailored to your needs).