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BIPOC Mental Health

NAMI Connection offers free online support groups for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color) adults living with a mental illness. These groups meet twice a month to support participants, build awareness and understanding, and to connect with others in the BIPOC community- including bicultural and bi-racial individuals- who face similar challenges.

Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Center — free online Mental Health Support Group for People of Color (national organization; open to the community)

Guided Ancestor Meditation   Justin Michael Williams of “Stay Woke”

Filling Our Cups:  4 Ways People of Color Can Foster Mental Health and Practice Restorative Healing

People of Color Discuss Their Experiences With Mental Illness  video

More than a Moment:  A Conversation with BIPOC Student Mental Health Leaders  from Active Minds

Wellness in Color Podcast — NAMI

Race-Related Stress in America (American Psychological Association) video


Asian American Mental Health:

Hmong Mental Health Podcast

New generation of Asian-American women are fighting to normalize mental health treatment

Living with Depression as an Asian-American   The Mighty

Where are the Asian-American Mental Health Stories   The Mighty

What to do when your (South Asian) parents don’t understand your mental health


Black Mental Health:

Loveland Therapy Fund  Financial assistance for Black women to obtain therapy (free 4-8 sessions).

Black-led Resources for Mental Health 

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective

Therapy for Black Girls website

Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema

Soothe Your Nerves  The Black Women’s Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety, Panic and Fear   Dr. Angela Neal Barnett

Black and Blue:  On Being Black, Female, and Depressed

Writer/Activist Imade Nobukun:  Youtube video “Imade on Depression and the interactions of social justice and mental health

Five Signs the Black Man You Love is Struggling with Depression  Ebony Magazine

11 Times Black Celebs Opened Up About Dealing With Mental Health Issues   Huffington Post

Being Black and Struggling with Body Image video

Black Girl in Om

Every Body Yoga

Liberate app.   A safe space for the black community to develop a daily meditation habit.


Latinx Mental Health:

The Seven Beliefs:  A Step by Step Guide to Help Latinas Recognize and Overcome Depression

Family Matters:  How Strong Cultural Values Can Lessen Anxiety and Stress for Latina/o College Students

Stress and Latino Mental Health

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Stefanie Beatriz on Battling Disordered Eating

What’s the Deal with Latinos NOT Talking about Mental Health?  video

Breaking the Silence:  Healing Generational Trauma


Muslim Mental Health: Seven Steps to Defeat Depression webinar by a British doctor for the Muslim community


Native American Mental Health:

WeRNative Depression   WeRNative Mental Health Difficulties   WeRNative Anxiety

Unity Wellness Warrior app

The Role of Historical Trauma:  Addiction in Native Communities

Breaking the Cycle of Trauma and Addiction

The Way of Our People:  Weekly Inspiration for American Indians in Recovery from Alcoholism


Queer POC

Rest for Resistance

QTBIPOC Mental Health and Well Being


Undocumented Students:

undocuHEALTH Mental Health Toolkit