College Self-Help

Half of Us Check out this website created for college students to learn more out mental health issues including depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, and alchol and drugs. This site has video clips of people telling their own stories of eating disorders and recovery, including celebrities like Mary J Blige and Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy.

Campus Calm A website where students speak out about grades, stress, and personal well-being.

University of Chicago Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection – Pamphlets for college students on hundreds of topics (relationships, depression, stress management, test anxiety, procrastination, ADD, eating disorders…it’s all there). Self-help information on all kinds of topics important to college students: money management, depression, relationships, healthy eating, anxiety, homesickness, and more.

First Student Health Zone.. Staying healthy in college: topics include Your Body, Your Mind, Sexual Health, Food and Fitness, Drugs and Alcohol, School and Jobs, Staying Safe. Also special topics such as Healthy Dining Hall Eating, and Tips for Savvy Studying.