Counseling - Christian

If you are seeking counseling that integrates and respects Christian perspectives, there are several options open to you: 1) working with a professional counselor who will affirm and integrate your faith perspective (the counselors at the Augsburg Center for Counseling and Health Promotion all value inclusion of the client’s spiritual/religious perspectives); 2) working with a pastoral counselor (an ordained clergy who also has special training in the provision of counseling); 3) working with a counselor at a specifically identified “Christian Counseling Center”; these counselors usually have professional training and licensure in counseling, some also have special training in the provision of counseling within a specifically Christian framework. We recommend that you discuss with your prospective counselor how he/she would work with you to integrate your Christian perspectives in your counseling.

Westminster Counseling Center - Counseling provided by ordained clergy (Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Methodist) with advanced education in psychology. Sliding fee scale based on income. Individual, family, couples, and groups.  612-332-7743

Lutheran Social Services - Individual, family, and group therapy and medication management , 24 hour emergency service. Staffed by licensed psychologists, licensed social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, chemical dependency professionals, and psychiatrists. Currently two counselors available who are also ordained ministers; staff affirming of incorporating client’s religious/spiritual perspectives.  612-879-5320

Catholic Charities - Locations over the metro area. Individual, family, crisis, and couples counseling. Fees based on income and family size. Affirming of incorporating client’s religious/spiritual perspectives. 651-215-2209

Grace Church counseling referrals - Referrals to professional counselors and Christian-identified counseling centers from the website of a local non-denominational, evangelical Christian church.