Counseling - Low Cost

Unless otherwise noted, the listed agencies provide services on a “sliding fee scale” which slides according to income, in some cases down to $0.

Please note: Short-term counseling services are available to Augsburg students at no cost through the Center for Counseling and Health Promotion (x1707). Services are completely confidential (no information is released to faculty, administration, or parents without your written permission, except in certain cases as required by legal or ethical guidelines). Sometimes students choose to go to other community agencies for support, or are referred there for longer-term services, or services not available at CCHP (e.g., marital counseling for non-Augsburg spouses).

African American Family Services Counseling Center - Individual, marriage, and family counseling; male/female support groups; walk-in counseling. Specialties in chemical dependency and family violence counseling. 612-813-0782

Walk-In Counseling Center -  Provides free counseling services by volunteer mental health professionals on a short-term basis. 612-870-0565

Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis - Locations over the metro area, open to anyone, regardless of religious affiliation or ability to pay. Individual, family, crisis, and couples counseling. Fees based on income and family size. 651-215-2209

Community-University Health Care Center – Mental Health - Sliding fee scale, free to Hennepin County residents if below poverty level. Individual and family counseling, cultural transition counseling, family violence counseling (specialize in working with Hmong), medication monitoring, mental health day treatment, sexual assault counseling (specalize in working with Somali women). African-American, American Indian, Spanish-speaking, and Asian and African bicultural staff available. 612-638-0700 Option 8 Behavioral Health
Family & Children’s Service (Minneapolis) – Confidential, professional counseling to individuals and families regardless of ability to pay. Individual, couples, group, and family therapy, and medication management. Specialized counseling services: community counseling, credit counseling, family violence prevention and intervention, GLBT counseling. Locations downtown Minneapolis, Lake Street, Northwest Hennepin, and South Hennepin. 612-339-9101

Hamm Memorial Psychiatric Clinic - Provides quality and culturally competent mental health care to adults and families, particularly those who cannot afford the full cost of care. Services include individual, group, couples, family psychotherapy, and medication management. Length of therapy varies depending on need. Staffed by licensed psychologists, licensed social workers, and psychiatrists. 651-224-0614

Hennepin County Mental Health – Information and Referral Nurse - Adult Outpatient Program provides a full range of outpatient mental health services to adult residents of Hennepin County, including individual, couple, family and group therapy, and medication management. Also has an Aftercare and Community Treatment Program which provides long-term, supportive psychotherapy and medication maintenance for persons who experience serious and persistent mental illness. 612-347-5770

Jewish Family Service (St. Paul) – Individual/couple/family counseling, group counseling and support groups. Provides services to all community members and ethnic groups. Priority given to residents of Ramsey County. 651-698-0767

Lutheran Social Service Counseling and Family Resources -

Statewide tollfree number 1-888-881-8261

Minneapolis — Intake Counselor 612-879-5320 or 5316

St. Paul — Intake Counselor 651-310-9432

Individual, family, and group therapy and medication management, 24 hour emergency service. Staffed by licensed psychologists, licensed social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, chemical dependency professionals, and psychiatrists. Specialized counseling to help people with disabilities.
Neighborhood Involvement Program – The Counseling Center - Sliding fee scale (slides down to $0, depending on income). Short and long-term counseling available. Counseling provided by supervised counseling interns and professional psychologists and social workers. Call for 15 minute phone intake. Located on Hennepin Avenue in south Minneapolis, easy bus service from Augsburg. Specialized services available for survivors of sexual assault and abuse through NIP’s Rape & Sexual Abuse Center. 612-374-3125

Ramsey County Mental HealthAdult outpatient program for Ramsey County residents providing a full range of outpatient mental health services including urgent care mental health resources. 651-266-7890