Half of Us Did you know that nearly half of all college students reported feeling so depressed that they could not function during the last school year? Check out this website created for college students to learn more out mental health issues including depression. This page has video clips of people telling their own stories of depression and recovery, including Mary J Blige, and Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy.

Depression Screening Take this free, confidential online self-test to help you determine whether you may have the symptoms of clinical depression. From the Depresion & Bipolar Support Alliance.

Is it Really Depression? Or Could it be Bipolar Disorder? A self-screening for bipolar depression — it’s important to know whether you have unipolar or bipolar depression, because it makes a difference as to what kind of medication would be most helpful.

How to Heal Depression. A very readable book on the web on managing depression written by an MD and a depression survivor.

Men and Depression.  Support for men and depression from the Face It Foundation. Support and info on depression.

Wing of Madness. Award-winning site produced by a woman in recovery from depression; good “lay person’s” site in understandable, non-medical terms.

Fighting “the Blues” in African-Americans ”…if you are an average black person in America, you are more likely than an average white person to suffer depression…” from

Fact Sheets on Cultural Groups and Depression.  Info on depression and African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Latinos.  From the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Antidepressants: Medications for Depression. How antidepressants work, types of antidepressants, interactions, which drug is best for me.

Considering Medication for Depression. FAQs about antidepressants from the University of Texas.

Let’s Talk Facts about Seasonal Affective Disorder.From the American Psychiatric Assocation.

Light Therapy for Seasonal Depression. Important things to know if you are considering doing light therapy for your seasonal depression, written by an MD specializing in treating depression.