Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in medications for mental health issues. Psychologists, clinical social workers, and marriage & family counselors provide counseling for mental health issues, but do not prescribe medications.


Check your health insurance plan for a referral to a psychiatrist in your plan’s network. Please be aware that it is not uncommon to have a long wait for an appointment with a psychiatrist for an initial, non-urgent appointment. If your need is urgent, you may need to meet initially with a physician in your plan, who can facilitate a referral to a psychiatrist; or your plan may provide support in connecting you to a psychiatrist who has a current opening (call your insurance customer service number, let them know you have an urgent need to see a psychiatrist). If you do not have insurance, see the information under “Acute Psychiatric Services” and Community-University Health Care Center below.   Here are some psychiatric clinics located near Augsburg:

University of Minnesota Medical Center – Riverside Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic     612-273-8700

Psych Recovery (Midway/St.Paul) 651-645-3115

Acute Psychiatric Services – Hennepin County Medical Center    612-873-3161
In a psychiatric emergency, this center has psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses on staff who can get you started on psychiatric medication. Open 24 hours for emergency services.  Insurance not necessary if Hennepin County resident but there may be a fee. (A payment schedule may be negotiated.)  APS has a special “medications clinic” available 7:30am – 2pm (arrive early as appointments are first-come, first-served).

Community-University Health Care Center  612-638-0670    2001 Bloomington Ave S (just past light rail station on Franklin Ave)
Psychiatry and medications management.  Sliding fee scale and insurance accepted.

If you do not have insurance, general practitioners at the sliding fee scale community health clinics, as well as Smiley’s Clinic (see Student Health Clinic page), are often able to prescribe medication for depression and anxiety, and will help you determine if a referral to a psychiatrist is necessary. Also, medication management is offered at several of the clinics listed in the Community Mental Health Clinics with Sliding Fee Scales for individuals who are meeting with one of their counselors.

*If you do not have insurance, you should check to see if you may be eligible for one of the federal, state, or county programs that provide medical support, such as Medical Assistance, Minnesota Care, or Assured Care (Health Care–Low Cost for details).

Licensed Psychologists/Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers/Licensed Professional Counselors/Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

See your insurance plan for a referral to a psychologist or social worker covered by your insurance. If you do not have insurance, see the list of community counseling clinics with sliding fee scales available. Many psychologists in private practice will also provide services on a “sliding fee scale” basis that adjusts according to your income (on a very limited basis). Psychologists are listed in the yellow pages under “Psychologist–Licensed.” Psychologists licensed by the Minnesota Board of Psychology have either master’s or doctoral degrees in psychology or related fields, and have met minimum standards for education and training. They are obligated to subscribe to ethical standards as set forth by the Board of Psychology, including confidentiality standards. Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers typically have a master’s degree in clinical social work and are licensed by the Minnesota Board of Social Work.  Licensed Professional Counselors have a minimum of a master’s degree and are licensed by the MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy.  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists have a minimum of a master’s degree and are licensed by the MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy.