Sexual Health

Click here for local STD testing and treatment resources.

Emergency Contraception.

Sexual Health Info from the American Social Health Association. Doctor-recommended site with detailed info on STD symptoms and treatment, including a Herpes Resource Center and an HPV Resource Center.

Planned Parenthood’s Sexual Health Info. Facts on sexually transmitted infections, and guides to healthy and safer sex.

Smarter Sex. The premier site on sexual health for college students including information, stats, ask the expert and more.

Sex Under the Influence. Sexual assault, unplanned pregnancy, STD’s…the risks of sex and alchol, from Kansas State University.

HIV/AIDS website. FAQs, prevention and testing, safer sex guides, myths, helping friends with HIV/AIDS, and more.

“Get the STD Picture” Think you have a big sex IQ? Try this STD name game from the WebMD Health newsletter.

LGBT Sexual Health. From the Unversity of Illinois, info on healthy/safer sex for lesbians and men who have sex with men.

HIV/AIDS Fact Sheets from the Centers for Disease Control. Includes fact sheets on “HIV/AIDS and Men Who Have Sex With Men,” “HIV/AIDS among Women,” “HIV/AIDS among Women Who Have Sex with Women,” and “HIV/AIDS and African-Americans.”