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Augsburg Student Health Service Agreement
June 1, 2013 May 31, 2014

Augsburg College contracts with Smiley’s Clinic, a neighborhood family practice clinic, to provide a wide range of health care services year-round for Augsburg students.

University of Minnesota Physicians through Smileys Clinic, agrees to provide student health services to Enrolled Augsburg College Students according to the following guidelines.

For students without insurance

  • Smileys Clinic will provide the following services that are covered by the Augsburg contract.
    • Office visits for acute or chronic medical problems
    • Annual physical exams 1 per year.
    • Lab tests drawn and completed at Smileys Clinic.
    • X-rays performed at Smileys Clinic.
    • Tetanus immunization.
    • Tuberculosis skin test (Mantoux).
    • Casts, crutches, splints, slings and ace bandages.
    • Allergy injections (prescription and supply must be provided by student).
  • The following services are not covered by the Augsburg contract.
    • Sports physicals.
    • All laboratory charges that are required to be sent to an outside lab (Fairview).
      • Majority of STD tests are completed and billed through Fairview Lab and therefore are not covered.
    • X-rays not performed at Smileys.
    • Psychological services. These services are covered by the Augsburg Center for Counseling and Health Promotion.
    • All immunizations, except tetanus.
    • Flu shots.
    • Birth control, ie: IUDs, Depo, etc.
      • Students will need to access community centers such as: Planned Parenthood.
  • Students are responsible for $5.00 co-pay at the time of their visit under the Augsburg Student health Service Agreement.

For students with insurance

  • Smileys Clinic will bill the students insurance company for all charges.
  • The remaining balance after insurance has processed the claim is the responsibility of the student.

Student responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for knowing what a covered service is and what is not covered by the Augsburg contract. Services that are not covered under the Augsburg contract are the responsibility of the student.
  • Students are responsible for services not provided by Smileys clinic, including any hospital, urgent care, or emergency services.
  • Students are responsible for any co-pays, deductibles, or a balance remaining after insurance has processed the claims.
  • Augsburg students covered under this contract are subject to the same rights and responsibilities of other Smileys Clinic patients. Students shall also be subject to the Augsburg College Student Code of Conduct while receiving services at Smiley’s Clinic.