If You Are Feeling Suicidal; web crisis support. Please note: CCHP advises talking to a counselor if you are feeling suicidal. If you are an Augsburg student, call CCHP at 330-1707 to meet with a counselor. Also, in the Twin cities, you can call The Crisis Connection if you want to talk to a crisis counselor (612-379-6363; 24 hours). 24-hour walk-in psychiatric support is available at Hennepin County’s Acute Psychiatric Services (612-873-3161), or you can walk-in to the Fairview Hospital’s Emergency Room.

Half of Us Did you know that nearly half of all college students reported feeling so depressed that they could not function during the last school year? Check out this website created for college students to learn more out mental health issues including suicide. This page has video clips of people telling their own stories of feeling suicidal and recovery from depression, including Mary J Blige, and Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy.

Suicide Awareness/Voices of Education. Good educational site including Q & A about suicide, symptoms, what to do if someone you know becomes suicidal.

What Can I Do to Help Someone Who May Be Suicidal?>

Stop A Suicide Today!. Resources, signs of suicide, facts sheets and information on how to help someone who may be thinking about suicide.

Worried About a Friend? Includes a “suicide risk” questionnaire and what to do if you suspect a friend may be suicidal.