The Center for Wellness & Counseling offers information and activities to help students identify choices and adopt new behaviors for a healthier lifestyle by offering:

  • Health and mental health self-help web links and community resources on our web page.
  • Health Fair (held annually in the Fall)
  • Small-group workshops and programs
  • Free drop-in yoga classes  (Tuesdays and Thursdays 12 noon – 1:00 pm — call Dianne at 612-330-1707 for info and to get on a reminder email list for yoga
  • Student peer education group – EP!C check out the facebook page: Augsburg’s Peer Educators(EP!C)
  • CWC advises the Augsburg “Mindfulness for Students” club that helps students deal with stress skillfully through guided meditations, yoga, and qi gong.

Some of the topics covered throughout the year include stress management, alcohol and other drug use, sexual decision-making, nutrition, health care resources, anger management, and smoking cessation.