Depression Self-Help


Turning Depression Around      Handout with resources for Augsburg students on standing up to and turning around depression through self-care; includes support resources on campus.  For individualized support in using the suggestions in this handout, Augsburg students can schedule an appointment with a counselor at CWC (612-330-1707).

Understanding and Coping With Depression     Handout summarizing Dr. Henry Emmons’ talk at Augsburg on a holistic understanding of depression

Three Types of Depression (video)   Holistic psychiatrist Dr. Henry Emmons talks about the three different types of depression:  anxious depression, agitated depression, and sluggish depression

Depression and College Students     Brochure from the National Institute of Mental Health

Becoming a Better Consumer of Anti-Depressant Medications       Handout from Augsburg’s CWC.

Stories About Depression.  The Mighty.

ULifeline’s Depression Support Page

Half Of Depression Page

Depression & Bipolar Depression Support Alliance

I had a black dog, his name was depression  (YouTube video)

My Depression Story:  YouTube star Meghan Rienks

Real Stories of Men with Depression    HeadsUpGuys

Anxiety and depression:  Which supplements can I take to help treat these?  Dr. Henry Emmons

Blogger Glennon Doyle Melton — The Erasing        This is What a Survivor Looks Like

Wellness Recovery Action Plan Toolbox

Local, in-person support groups.



HeadsUpGuys.  For Men.  About Men.  Health Strategies for Managing and Preventing Depression.

Black and Blue:  On Being Black, Female, and Depressed (HuffPo article by jn. salters)

The Seven Beliefs:  A Step by Step Guide to Helping Latinas Recognize and Overcome Depression (Amazon book)

Asian American Women and Depression  —  NAMI Fact Sheet

American Indian and Alaska Native Communities Mental Health — NAMI Fact Sheet

Transcending Historical Trauma  (for Native Americans)

Mental Health Issues for GLBT People  — NAMI MN Fact Sheet

The Truth About Gay Men and Depression    (HuffPo article by Max DuBowy)

Men & Depression  — It’s Time to Face It