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Lenten Thoughts – Sophie Bauer ’16 Senior Chapel Homily

Sophie Bauer ’16 shares her Senior Chapel Homily, from March 10, 2016:

The light shines in the darkness…
Minnesota, we know the dark well in the shortest days of winter.
Fifteen hours of the day dedicated to darkness.
Seasonal affective disorder.
January blues.
Cold. Cold. Cold.
Then comes the thaw.
And the light shines.

Sun lingers.
Birds return, flowers bud, trees blossom. Vibrant colors everywhere and life has returned.
Well maybe it never went away to begin with.
Fifteen and a half hours dedicated to light.
Spring is here!
And the light shines.

It’s cliche, but when you’ve got two rooms. One dark, one light. You open the door between them, and immediately the dark room is flooded with light and the light room remains untouched by the darkness.
And the light shines.

Familiar is failure.
Familiar is grief.
Familiar is loneliness.
Familiar is darkness.
But in the failure, comes opportunity.
In the grief comes healing.
In the loneliness comes a friend.
In the darkness comes light.

Even walking with Christ has darkness.
We are in Lent. This is dark times, but the Son is coming,
And the light shines.