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A Prayer for Little Joys

Coronavirus-vision: it’s a thing. We see or experience most everything now through the lens of this disease as our local and global communities seek safety and communal wellbeing in our collective efforts. Constantly seeing the world and our lives through this virus, though necessary, can be frightful and downright exhausting. A change in perspective or a reorientation is welcome, however, so that our tunnel vision does not define the whole of our lives. Today I invite you to sneak a peek at the little joys emerging in your midst despite this pandemic. Reveling in moments of joy does not minimize the virus and the work before us to bring restoration and healing; rather, the little joys can provide sustenance for the journey ahead as they themselves can heal and restore. Please add your moments of gladness to this litany as we offer “A PRAYER FOR…LITTLE JOYS.”    

Isaiah 35:10:

“Everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.”

Let us pray:

God of the giver of everlasting joy, open our hearts to the glimmers of glee that remain before us even in these days of hardship. Reorient us, if but for a moment, to notice the small things that give hope, provide inspiration, thrill the soul, and generate smirks and smiles. Hear the litany of little joys we are called to notice now, in a moment of quiet reflection with our bodies attuned to gladness: flowers breaking through dirt; a fresh cup of brewed coffee or tea; turning in a final paper or finishing a project; discovering a new Netflix series to watch; the unexpected (fury or wiggly) visitor in a Zoom call; aromas of baked items filling the apartment; children playing and laughing (while social distancing) in the street; a cardinal chirping in the tree overhead; an overdue video-chat with a family member; a long walk in the morning sun; rediscovering your neighbors and neighborhood; a favorite song on the radio; a word of encouragement from a friend; acts of kindness doled out by strangers; and all our own little joys that cause sorrow and sighing to flee away. This we pray in gratitude to God. Amen.   


Pastor Justin Lind-Ayres