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Campus Ministry Student Leaders

Introducing our Campus Ministry Student Leaders – Augsburg University Student Ministry Deacons, Minnesota Hillel- Augsburg, and Muslim Student Association


Augsburg University Student Ministry Deacons


Hi! My name is Renee Christensen. I use she/her pronouns. I’m a third year majoring in Clinical Psychology and Theology and Public Leadership, which is a long way of saying that I want to work with mental health and religion! This year, I have the honor to work as the co-president with our Student Deacons! Outside of Augsburg, I love reading books and being outside with my cats! I am super excited to be back on campus and can’t wait to see you all at our events! Let me know if you want to get coffee and chat!


Hi, my name is Bethany Dart. I use she/her pronouns and am a sophomore at Augsburg.  I am majoring in women’s gender studies. In my free time I like to read, write, cook, and be outside by the Mpls lakes. I decided to become a deacon because I care about faith and Leadership. I hope I can be someone the Augsburg community can trust and go to for support and questions. 


My name Is Nadine Miller (she/hers) and I am a junior double majoring in communications and political science. I am from Hancock, Minnesota and I love dogs. I also like playing video games, hanging out with friends, and dancing.


My name is Grace Porter (she/her) and I am a senior! I am majoring in Theology and Public Leadership with a concentration in youth studies and a minor in music. This is my third year as a co-president of Student Ministries because I love the community here! I also love traveling, working with kids and young people, and the magic of a good book. Let me know if you want to get a coffee and chat!


My name is Toby Reinsma, I am a 3rd year here at Augsburg University studying elementary education. I play on the Men’s Soccer team here, I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I love the color blue. 


I’m Emma Scherrer (she/her/hers). I am a third year majoring in Music Therapy.  I love music a lot- listening to it, singing, dancing, and playing instruments, especially piano. I love to spend time outside and explore my surroundings. My other interests include chess, drawing, poetry, cats, and anime. I’m very empathetic, a good listener, and love to give hugs. 


My name is Carson Vincent (they/them/theirs). I am a second-year majoring in biochemistry and minoring in math. This year I am the treasurer for student ministries. I am also a RA in Urness this year. If you see me around campus feel free to stop and say “Hi.”


Minnesota Hillel – Augsburg leaders


My name is Rivka Buchbinder, I am a senior, my major is elementary education, my minors are film and religion. I love photography and film and love taking pictures/videos of the world around me. I love spending time with friends and family. I love meeting new people and learning about what they are passionate about. 

I am also a part of Hillel and have really enjoyed paring Jewish life to campus.


Hi everyone, I am Hannah Gold and I am from Wisconsin. I am on the Women’s Hockey team here at Augsburg. When I am not playing hockey I am outside or making art. I joined Hillel because I wanted to be closer to my culture and heritage. I am a senior majoring in marketing with a minor in graphic design.


Muslim Student Association Executive Board


Name: Sharmarke Omar

Position: President 

Grade: Junior 

Major: Finance & Management 

Hobbies: Traveling, learning new things, reading and spending quality time with family & friends!

My hope for MSA this year is: To provide a platform through which Muslim students on campus can practice their faith and help fellow students become familiar with resources at their disposal in the broader Augsburg community.


Name : Yahye Farah

Position: Vice President

Grade: Senior

Major: MIS

Hobbies: I like to go out with my friends, and watch a lot of shows

My hope for MSA this year is: My goal for MSA this year  is to be there for the muslim students here at Augsburg. Hear the voices of the student body we’re representing and make this a welcoming place that everyone is included.


Name: Fathumo Mohamed 

Position: Secretary

Grade: Junior 

Major: Biology 

Hobbies: I like to read comics, I like to try variety of different food every time (halal)

My hope for MSA this year is: To unify all Muslim students from different backgrounds and culture to feel safe and be welcomed at MSA. Also to be a resource organization for Muslim student that need help on campus whether is to get them connected to someone or just to seek an advice. 


Name: Hafsa Abdi

Position: Public Relations

Grade: Second Year

Major: Biochemistry

Hobbies: Going on adventures, exploring new cultures, traveling, getting boba & hanging out with friends!

My hope for MSA this year is: My hope for MSA this year is to advocate and be available for the muslim students on campus; and to create an open and welcoming space where students can come and enjoy what we have to offer. Inshallah you can join us! 


Name: Anzal Sahal

Position: Co-Event Planner

Grade: Second Year

Major: Biochemistry

Hobbies: Watching movies/shows, reading, and trying new things!

My hope for MSA this year is: To create a space for all students to deepen their knowledge of Islam, while also establishing friendly connections with like-minded individuals! 


Name:Salma Aden

Position: Co-event Planner

Grade: Second year

Major: Biochemistry

Hobbies: cooking, traveling and exploring new places (mainly restaurants) and binge watching shows.

My hope for MSA this year is: I hope that MSA will be able to be there for our fellow students and to guide them through when they need us and just become the muslim community they wish/hope for InshaAllah.


Name: Hamza Hassan

Position: Treasurer

Grade: Second Year

Major: Management Info Systems

Hobbies: Traveling, basketball, soccer

My hope for MSA this year is: To create a welcoming environment for Muslim students on campus, and to help students develop their spirituality and growth as Muslims.