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How To Sort Waste – Guide For Dining

As of August 28, here’s where you can put things after you’re done eating:

  • Trash: silverware (unless it says “compostable” on it), plastic packaging, wrappers (chips, dressing, etc), plastic wrap
  • Organics/Compost: Paper take-out containers, clear EcoProducts salad/fruit containers, napkins, any food waste
  • Recycle: Empty bottles, cans, milk cartons, juice cartons, small fruit/smoothie/granola cups with a #1 or #6 recycle symbolgrey trash bin with chip wrapper, plastic utensils, and plastic wrap abbove. Green compost bin with take-out container and clear salad container above. Blue recycle bin with emtpy water bottle, milk carton, and small plastic cup above.


Check for the word “compostable” or recycle symbol #7

Check for a recycle symbol with #1-4, and #6.

If in doubt, TRASH IT!!



Watch this video for general tips on how to sort waste!