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Sabo Scholars 2022-2023

Yearlong student seminar exploring civic and public life.

The Sabo Scholar program provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in civic life, study the political process, work on public policy, and explore careers in public service. The cohort meets on Thursday nights for academic seminar and civic engagement project work with the cohort.

Current Augsburg students (any level) who plan to study on campus both fall and spring semester next year and who have an interest in politics, community, and civic life are encouraged to apply. To be enrolled in the Sabo Scholars course you must plan on studying on-campus for the entire school year (i.e. not going abroad or student teaching for part of the year) and be available for the class period on Thursday nights. Any eligible student is welcome to enroll in the course whether they receive the scholarship or not.


  • Unique opportunities to explore civic engagement and politics as a cohort
  • Earn upper-division credit (4 credits) in the Political Science Department
  • Seminar setting that is small and supportive
  • 2500 scholarship (this has been increased from the previous $2000 amount)
  • Opportunities to formally develop civic leadership skills

Apply here to be a member of the 2022/2023 cohort.

Ask your recommenders to fill out this recommendation form.

The Sabo Scholars is one of three public leadership scholars programs at Augsburg. Email Professor Andy Aoki with questions about Sabo Scholars.

Also, please check out the Christensen Scholars and the Interfaith Scholars.