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Theater in the city


The study of Theater is firmly grounded in the liberal arts. It integrates knowledge and principles from many academic and artistic disciplines, including Communication, Art, Music, History, Literature, Business, Philosophy, and Religion. Through thoughtful curriculum and dramatic productions, the Theater Department offers valuable cross-disciplinary connections while also providing a solid base in classical, modern, contemporary, and multicultural theater.

At Augsburg, we create opportunities for students to grow both as theater artists and scholars. The university's location in the heart of a major theater center makes it an ideal place to study. We encourage connections between our campus and the greater arts community as well as connections between theory and application. Students experience these important connections through course study, theatrical production work, meeting theater professionals who visit campus, and attending professional productions in the Twin Cities. Augsburg’s on-campus theater productions are treated as unique learning laboratories where students can creatively collaborate with faculty and professional artists-in-residence.

In addition to theater training, students in theater arts learn valuable skills applicable to other professions: collaboration, verbal and non-verbal communication, organization, critical thinking, leadership, creativity, and self-expression. Involvement in theater arts can help prepare students for successful careers in law, education, business, communication, and journalism, as well as prepare students for careers in professional or academic theater, television, and film. In order to prepare students for graduate school or the workplace, the department encourages a second major or minor in such fields as art, english, education, film, music, history, or sociology.