Sexual Assault Support

Aurora Center 24/7 Support  612-626-9111

Get Help.  Augsburg contracts with the University of Minnesota’s Aurora Center to provide sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence support to all of our students, 24/7.  Just call 612-626-9111 to talk to a trained advocate.

There is also 24/7 support through the Sexual Violence Center, a member of the TransYouth Support Network.  612-871-5111

On your request, Augsburg’s Department of Public Safety can support you in getting connected to the Aurora Center (24/7, call 612-330-1717).

Hospital Sexual Assault Exam

The following are two hospitals close to Augsburg that provide Sexual Assault exams (SARS exams) by specially trained female nurses. Just go to the ER and let them know that you want a sexual assault evidentiary exam.  The sexual assault exam can be performed up to 120 hours after a sexual assault, but is most successful for evidentiary purposes within the first 24 hours (information from the Aurora Center).  The evidentiary exam is something to consider if there is any chance you may want to report the assault to the police now or in the future.

Hennepin County Medical Center — Emergency Room (downtown Minneapolis, 701 Park Avenue) provides sexual assault exams by specially trained female nurses.

University of Minnesota Medical Center — ER (located on Riverside Avenue, across from the Augsburg chapel; 612-273-6402)  They will contact a sexual assault advocate from the Aurora Center to accompany you during your exam.

Center for Wellness & Counseling

On campus, CWC counselors provide counseling support to students who have experienced sexual assault and stalking, and can help you connect to services through the Aurora Center and other community resources.  CWC also helps students to access information and support for the campus sexual assault reporting process (if that is something you want to consider), and will help connect you with resources for self-care and safety on campus.  All counseling services at CWC are confidential so none of your information will be shared with anyone without your specific, written permission.

Off Campus Counseling & Support

There are more resources in the community, including other 24/7 support lines, support groups, and specialized counseling for survivors of sexual assault.

Support Group

Augsburg students are eligible to participate in the Aurora Center sexual assault support group.

Emergency Contraception