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Prayers for Today

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We gather here today, very aware of your presence amongst us. Hear us as we pray.

Help us learn to be still. Still enough to hear you breath. In the stillness of our hearts, may we know that you are God, and that, in your presence lies the treasures our hearts yearn for. Tonight, we pray for stillness.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

Lord, when we are being ourselves out in the world, we often forget you. We hurt others, ourselves and even You. You are quick to forgive, help us be as well. Even when it stings, even when it continually hurts, please remind us of the cross. Tonight, we pray for forgiveness, for us and for others.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

Lord, your word calls us to weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice. I ask for strength for tough times, rough schedules, constant disappointments, doubts and worries as well as all the issues we may not know or even begin to understand. Bring comfort when we need it. You are the only one who can actually see things as big as we see them, and feel what we feel. Please give us hope, and remind us of the promise to take and rest us from our burdens. Tonight, we pray for rest.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

Lord, we know your ear is not deaf to hear us, and your hand is not too short to save. So our final prayer together this evening, is that you may grant us faith to believe that a mighty and all-powerful God, who is willing and able to heal us at our points of weakness, hears us. We lay our doubts down at your feet.

In the Name of Jesus. Amen

– Vision Bagonza ’17

Meet the Campus Ministry Deacons – A message from Pastor Justin Lind-Ayres

We are blessed this 2015-2016 Academic Year to have five very talented student-leaders shepherding the Campus Ministry Student Organization! But, what, pray tell, is a deacon? A fine question! In the New Testament, deacons were set apart by the church for word and service in God’s world (see Acts 6:1-7). The title has been used throughout the church to describe servants who minister to the community in teaching, works of love, dedication to justice, worship-leadership, and an enduring commitment to the gospel of Christ Jesus. The Campus Ministry Office has chosen to use “deacon” as the title for those students called to this work on the Augsburg campus in partnership with the Campus Ministry staff.

The deacons will work together to plan and execute events and activities that create opportunities for social connectedness, spiritual growth, and loving service. In addition, they empower and equip other student-leaders in the shared work of radical hospitality, creating space for the sacred, and shaping the community in positives ways with other student groups and leaders on campus.  Continue reading “Meet the Campus Ministry Deacons – A message from Pastor Justin Lind-Ayres”