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bag it: is your life too plastic?



On Wednesday, April 22nd (Earth Day), the ESC will be hosting a film screening of the movie Bag ItThis documentary follows Jeb Berrier as he uncovers the mystery of plastic.  What started with a simple grocery trip and a goal to stop using plastic bags, turns into a quest to uncover what happens to plastic when it’s thrown out.  Where does it go?  How does it effect our environment and our health?  Don’t worry though – this isn’t a doom and gloom film.  It’s funny AND informative.  So if you can take a break from late night studying, come join us for some snacks and relaxing entertainment.

Thank you to the Environmental Studies Department for sponsoring this event!

Wednesday, April 22nd
Augsburg College
East Commons, Christensen Center
Screening begins at 8:30pm