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Volume III, No. 1 – December 2019

To our Augsburg Music community,

It is a privilege to share with you, once again, the many exciting activities and events occurring in the Department of Music at Augsburg University. As I write this message, we have just completed our 40th year of Advent Vespers; and, as always, we have ushered in this most anticipated time of the year with hymns, anthems, orchestral works, and readings holding great meaning. Planning for next year’s Vespers begins almost immediately, giving you some idea of the time and effort the department gives to this signature occasion in the life of the university.

Reunion Choir, 2019 GalaIn the links that follow (I hope you will peruse all of them), you will learn about many initiatives in the department. As you likely know, this is Augsburg’s sesquicentennial year, and the music department was active not only in the kickoff gala but also in a collage concert in Hoversten Chapel the next day. It was a marvelous portrait of the work our ensembles are doing, and our directors and students showed exemplary effort in performing so well so early in the semester! Our new departmental advisory council met for the first time on October 30. We have a wonderful group of friends, alumni, and colleagues who will provide invaluable feedback, encouragement, and advice on our work. Continue reading “OCCASIONAL UPDATES FROM THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT, DECEMBER 2019”


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Volume II, No. 2 – January 18, 2019

It is a pleasure to share with you an update on the excellent work and many events occurring in Augsburg’s Music Department. This is a big year for the department, as we will undergo our 10-year review by the National Association of Schools of Music from March 31 to April 2. Preparation includes an extensive self-study and documentation as well as a site visit by two music department leaders from other universities. Given the advances at Augsburg, we expect to have our accreditation renewed.

Our faculty are exceptionally busy teaching, recruiting, and maintaining important professional development – all of which you can read about below. You will find more information on what we’ve been up to including:

• Important curricular initiatives in music, human development, and learning, including a community teaching track that we believe is unique in the nation.
• Changes to the music therapy curriculum. We are fortunate to be conducting a national search for our third, full-time music therapy faculty member this year.
• Several faculty have taken leadership in developing updated performance standards to help our students better understand progress expectations in their performing mediums.
• The usual round of concerts, shared community performances, and side-by-side events with local high schools.
• A major initiative led by Professor Rodriguez to connect Augsburg’s music students, faculty, and programs with several programs in Latin America, which portends enhanced cultural richness for the department.

As always, we hope that you will peruse our recital, concert, and event schedule and join us as you have opportunity. Continue reading “OCCASIONAL UPDATES FROM THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT, JANUARY 2019”

Occasional Updates from the Music Department, November 2017

Volume I, No. 1 – November 2017 

A Warm Welcome

It is an exciting time for Augsburg University’s Department of Music. Welcome to this first Occasional Updates email that will help keep you informed about music at Augsburg. You are receiving this because you are a graduate, former student, faculty member, or friend of music at Augsburg. Should you wish not to receive these occasional updates, please unsubscribe using the button at the bottom of this email.

Our goal is to highlight happenings and people in the department and to guide you toward further information regarding performances and other opportunities to engage with Augsburg’s music faculty and students. Please know that we are delighted to hear from alumni and community members any time and we invite you to attend any and all music events that fit into your schedule. Continue reading “Occasional Updates from the Music Department, November 2017”