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You’re here because you believe meaningful work emerges when your core values professional life intersect. You appreciate collaboration over control and consider moral impulses like awareness and stewardship as important as practical influences like efficiency and operational management.

Start Your Journey

Seeing Things Whole is an organization anchored within Augsburg University. We are a community of business leaders and scholars with a rich history of promoting more thoughtful and serving organizations through partnerships and outreach. Our educational tools, workshops and conferences help individuals, particularly NexGen Leaders, as well as teams and organizations on their passionate journey toward achieving a whole life.

We look forward to helping you infuse your convictions and values into your work life and organizational culture. Together, we can achieve our vision for a world made better through a workforce whose lives and performance are informed as much by faith and moral reasoning as by the press of economic reality.

Work With Us

Through action research, STW has created tools for individuals and organizations to become more intentional about employing faith into their daily grind. Our philosophy is rooted in servant leadership and the Judeo-Christian theological tradition, which—together—inspire individuals, groups and organizations to add value to our world.

For individuals wanting to become whole leaders, we have developed a collection of workbooks—our Whole People, Whole Leaders Suite—that challenge you to identify your core values, clarify your calling, and empower those around you to lead and succeed. If you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, our NextGen Leaders initiative focuses on nurturing your moral courage to lead with conviction.

To complement our work on the self, we offer organizational resources to help groups and businesses recognize, measure, and balance their identity, purpose, and stewardship.

Our Philosophy

We encourage you to review a growing body of work that has come to be known as the Theology of Institutions project. These essays, videos, and thought pieces inform our outreach and resources for individuals and teams/organizations. We hope these resources inspire you as you begin to explore the intersection of your personal values and professional calling.

Do these ideas resonate? Let’s connect to identify ways we can help you achieve a more meaningful, whole career and life.